Many things go into creating a successful poster, but the most elusive quality is simplicity. Smashing Magazine did a great job curating 50 brilliant movie posters, but I think they could have whittled  it downed in half. My favorite – Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic, “The Birds” What I love about the poster, and after seeing the movie, is that it doesn’t give away anything – allowing no spoilers to keep you from getting your britches scared off. All you need to know – from the poster – is what the typography shares, “Alfred Hitchcock’s.” One name says it all in this case. With his name, you know you are about to be entertained.

Probably the fact that Saul Bass designed the poster – you already know its one of the top 50 movie poster designs. Actually, I would put Saul Bass at No. 1 of all time movie poster designers.