Come view the collection of X-Men comics shared by Scott Croft, owner of Heroic Adventures.

Over 500 issues will be on display at the Edwardsville Arts Center along with other 3D collectibles from the X-Men Series.

Visitors will be able to take away a free comic (not the ones on display, of course).

Join us for a community reception on June 17, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Shown along with SHINK! will be “What Now…?” Nathan Motsinger: Skateboards and Paintings.


The X-Men History:

Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the series launched in 1963, introducing in its first issue the original five X-Men.

The series ceased publication with issue #66 (March 1970), but returned as a bi-monthly reprint magazine nine months later. It continued in this fashion until the team was revived and revamped, with additional new members, in Giant Size X-Men #1 (May 1975). The X-Men again began printing new stories with issue #94 (August 1975).

Uncanny X-Men remains Marvel Comics’ only Silver Age title to retain its consecutive issue numbering since its conception, even during the early 1970s reprint hiatus.

X-Men 1963

The X-Men are introduced as the original five members: Warren Worthington III (Angel), Hank McCoy (Beast), Slim Summers (Cyclops), Robert “Bobby” Drake (Iceman), and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), and their teacher and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X). (X-Men #1-2)

X-Men 1964

The X-Men graduate from their class and are now full-fledged members. Magneto returns with a group of his own, called the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants”. (X-Men #3-8)

X-Men 1965

On a trip to Europe, the X-Men battled with the Avengers for the first time. Meanwhile, Professor Xavier is in the midst of his own battle with the alien Lucifer in Tibet, where he had lost the use of his legs many years before. (X-Men #9-15)

X-Men 1966

By the end of the year, the team gains a new, though very brief, teammate in the arrogant Calvin Rankin, the Mimic. Mimic later became deputy leader of the team after Cyclops accidentally injures Angel with his optic blast. After losing his powers momentarily, Rankin leaves the team. (X-Men #16-27)

X-Men 1967

A new villain, and later a teammate, was introduced as the Irish mutant Sean Cassidy, the Banshee. The X-Men meet Spider-Man. (X-Men #28-39)

X-Men 1968

After a strange battle with Frankenstein, the X-Men are dealt with a devastating blow with the death of Professor Xavier at the hands of Grotesk, a subterranean creature. Without their mentor, they decide to disband the team and go their separate ways. (X-Men #40-51)

X-Men 1969

It was during this time that Scott Summers met his long-lost younger brother, Alex Summers, a college student who is abducted by a Egyptian cult. Alex, now calling himself Havok, would eventually join the team. (X-Men #52-63)

X-Men 1970

It is later revealed that Charles Xavier was very much alive but not well, having been hidden in a secret room within the mansion in order to prevent an alien invasion by the Z’Nox. (X-Men #64-66)

1970–1975 (The X-Men Reprint Years)


X-Men 1975

Professor X assembles a new team of international and foreign-born mutants: the African goddess Ororo Munroe as Storm, the Canadian James “Logan” Howlett as Wolverine, the German acrobat Kurt Wagner as Nightcrawler, the return of the Irish Sean Cassidy as Banshee, the Russian Peter “Piotr” Rasputin as the Russian Colossus, the Apache Indian John Proudstar as Thunderbird, and the Japanese Sunfire. Also introduced is Xavier’s ex-fiancee and former lover Moira MacTaggart, who immediately catches the eye of Banshee. (X-Men #94-96)

X-Men 1976

The greatest transformation of any character was introduced in one of the greatest storylines in the series: “The Phoenix Saga”. (X-Men #97-102)

X-Men 1977

The beginning of the Phoenix Saga has most of the team travelling to Ireland to battle Juggernaut and his partner, Black Tom Cassidy, a relative of Banshee’s. Eric the Red has come to Earth looking for Lilandra with the help of Juggernaut and Black Tom. Eric also enlists a rejuvenated Magneto, who had been turned into an infant during his battle with the Defenders three years prior, to fight the X-Men on Muir Island. When they are beamed to outer space, the X-Men do battle with D’Ken and his Imperial Guard. They meet the Starjammers, whose leader turns out to be Scott and Alex’s long-lost father, Major Christopher Summers, who calls himself Corsair. (X-Men #103-108)

X-Men 1978

With the end of the “Phoenix Saga” and their return to Earth, the Canadian super-powered being known as Weapon Alpha arrives to bring Logan back to Canada. Meanwhile, the other team had survived as well and made their way to the Savage Land where they reconnected with Ka-Zar and Zabu in their battle against a returning Sauron, Zaladane, and Garokk the Petrified Man. (X-Men #109-116)

X-Men 1979

Xavier engages in battle with Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, in the astral plane and promptly defeats him. The X-Men move on to Japan where the country is being held hostage by terrorist Moses Magnum. With assistance of Sunfire, the X-Men are able to defeat Magnum and Mandroids. It is here in Japan that Wolverine meets and falls in love with Sunfire’s cousin Mariko Yashida of the Clan Yashida. Later, the X-Men are brought to Canada where they meet that country’s own superhero team, Alpha Flight (X-Men #117-128)

X-Men 1980

The Dark Phoenix Saga began with the removal of two longtime members from the team. For the first time, Cyclops was no longer a member of the team. Storm became the leader and Kitty Pryde became the first new member since the title’s relaunch. Also, introduced was the Hellfire Club and its members: Sebastian Shaw as “The Black King”, Emma Frost as “The White Queen”, Harry Leland as “The Black Bishop”, and Donald Pierce as “The White Bishop” and later “The White King”.

(X-Men #129-140)

X-Men 1981

A new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Mystique, was introduced. Members included Destiny, Blob, Avalanche, and Pyro, who were set on assassinating Presidential candidate Senator Robert Kelly and succeeded in their mission. This led to the “Days of Future Past” storyline which had almost every mutant, and even the other superheroes, murdered at the hands of the Sentinels. The year is 2013 and there are only a few remaining members of the X-Men left. Fortunately, the X-Men manage to thwart Mystique’s plan and prevent the bleak future from occurring. (X-Men #141, Uncanny X-Men #142-152)

X-Men 1982

Xavier and Lilandra resume their romance as Cyclops realizes that Corsair is really his father, Christopher Summers. Mystique returns with a new ally, Rogue, who would eventually join the X-Men the following year, by having her break into the Pentagon. Storm, meanwhile, has been attacked by Dracula and becomes a vampire.

(Uncanny X-Men #152-164)

X-Men 1983

Meanwhile, an underground group of mutants known as the Morlocks abducted Warren Worthington from his penthouse as a wedding present to their leader Callisto. Storm, usually known as a pacifist, reluctantly fought and defeated Callisto, thereby becoming the Morlocks’ new leader. The X-Men were shocked to receive a surprise guest into their home as Rogue, escaping the Brotherhood, came to look for help in controlling her powers. Logan announces that he is engaged to Mariko Yashida and plans to marry her in Japan. While visiting his grandparents in Alaska with Alex and Corsair, he meets a mysterious woman who looks exactly like the late Jean Grey. Her name is Madelyne Pryor, a pilot from Anchorage with no memory of her past. A romance soon develops between the two and they eventually get married at the X-Mansion in front of family and friends (in honor of the 20th anniversary of the series). (Uncanny X-Men #165-176)

X-Men 1984

While out on the town at the opera, another attack by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants leaves Colossus in a solidified state and near death. Storm uses her newfound power as the Morlocks’ leader and saves Kitty. Meanwhile, Rachel Summers has escaped her bleak future and comes to the past to find the X-Men. Unbeknownst to her, she is being stalked by Selene, an evil immortal mutant “vampire”, who is consumed by her great latent power. (Uncanny X-Men #177-188)

X-Men 1985

While teaching at Columbia University, Charles is attacked and beaten by his students who suspected him of being a mutant. He was saved by Morlock known as Healer and returned to the X-Men. Kitty manages to find the perpetrators of the hate crime and they are beaten by the X-Men. Magneto is arrested by the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who are now calling themselves Freedom Force and working for the government. Magneto is put on trial in Paris, France for crimes against humanity and is attacked by Fenris. They are defeated by the X-Men and Magneto is exonerated by the tribunal court. However, Charles is gravely injured from the battle and is dying, brought on by stress and the brutal attack by his college students. With no other choice, Lilandra takes Charles up into space for treatment. Charles makes Magneto the new headmaster of the X-Men and New Mutants and departs from Earth. Meanwhile, Madelyne goes into labor and gives birth to a son, Nathan Christopher Summers. (Uncanny X-Men #189-200)

X-Men 1986

With Xavier far away in space with the Shi’ar and Magneto in charge of the school, the X-Men are immediately thrown into turmoil. Cyclops made one last bid for leadership of the X-Men and battled against Storm, who had been serving as leader while Cyclops was away. Quite surprisingly, Storm defeated Scott and resumed her duties as leader of the X-Men. Cyclops decided to leave the team and start a new life with Madelyne and baby Nathan. However, following an urgent call from his former teammates in the original X-Men, Jean is discovered to be alive and well after the Avengers and Fantastic Four discover her in a cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay. This leads to the formation of X-Factor.

(Uncanny X-Men #201-212)

X-Men 1987

With Kitty, Kurt and Peter sent away to Muir Island, several new members joined the X-Men. Betsy Braddock, known as Psylocke, had joined the group the previous year; Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, joined the team after an encounter with another member of the Marauders, known as Malice, left her possessed but was rescued by Storm. Longshot was the final new member to join the team after escaping the evil Mojo and his Mojoworld. (Uncanny X-Men #213-224)

X-Men 1988

The Fall of the Mutants storyline began as the X-Men encounter Freedom Force. Freedom Force’s mutant precog Destiny has a vision: everyone inside a particular Dallas skyscraper at dawn will be dead. Calling a temporary truce, they turn to restoring order to the chaos engulfing the city. Many of the events are broadcast on television by reporter Neal Conan and cameraman Manoli Wetherell, who accompany the X-Men and Freedom Force. As foreseen by Destiny, the X-Men die. However, the goddess Roma returns them all to life. She gives them the Siege Perilous, telling them they could use it to ‘reset’ time should they be discovered.

The X-Men were faced with their biggest challenge against the island nation of Genosha, which was located off the east coast of Africa. Genosha’s prosperity was built upon the enslavement of its mutant population. Mutants in Genosha were the property of the state and children who were positively identified with the mutant gene were put through a process developed by David Moreau, commonly known as the Genegineer. (Uncanny X-Men #225-239)

X-Men 1989

Madelyne becomes the Goblin Queen and, with the help of S’ym and N’astirh, turn New York into a literal “Hell on Earth”. The X-Men are reunited with the members of X-Factor and the New Mutants, with many members falling into the darkness. N’astirh is destroyed by the combined efforts of the X-Men and X-Factor, and finally only Madelyne herself is left. Mr. Sinister, who returns with the Marauders, reveals to Madelyne that she is a clone of Jean Grey created to meet Scott and produce a child. Sinister also reveals to have manipulated Scott’s life since early childhood. Jean battles her clone and despite Madelyne’s powers being enhanced by demonic magic, gained the upper hand. Finally, unable to go on, Madelyne forcibly links herself to Jean’s mind and wills herself to die, attempting to take Jean with her. As Madelyne breathed her last breath, the fragment of the Phoenix Force that first gave her life emerges and bids Jean to use its power to save herself. Jean does so, thus breaking Madelyne’s mental hold on her and New York then returns to normal. The X-Men and X-Factor go after Mister Sinister, responsible for the manipulations which led to Madelyne’s creation, who is hiding out in the X-Mansion. Cyclops blasts Sinister to a smolder and is seemingly destroyed. Sadly, the mansion is also destroyed in the process. (Uncanny X-Men #240-256)

The 1990s was the decade of crossovers and storylines between the X-titles and also into other superheroes titles. Beginning with 1989–90’s “Acts of Vengeance”, 1990–91’s “X-Tinction Agenda”, 1991’s “Muir Island Saga”, 1992–93’s “X-Cutioner’s Song”, 1993’s “Fatal Attractions” and “Bloodties”, 1994’s “Phalanx Covenant”, 1995’s “Legion Quest” and “Age of Apocalypse”, 1996’s Onslaught event, 1997’s “Operation: Zero Tolerance”, 1998’s “The Search for Xavier”, and 1999’s “Magneto War” and “M-Tech”.

X-Men 1990

The members of the X-Men who had stepped through the Siege Perilous are eventually resurrected, living in new areas of the world and working in several occupations without any memory of their previous lives as superheroes. In Cairo, Illinois, Storm is reverted to a girl’s body, meet a mysterious mutant named Gambit, who helps her escape the Shadow King. (Uncanny X-Men #257-271)

X-Men 1991

As the X-Tinction Agenda storyline wraps up, Cameron Hodge is destroyed and Genosha is once again at peace. The X-Teams reconvene at the mansion where Lila Cheney returns from space to warn them that Professor Xavier and Lilandra are in trouble. The X-Men are teleported into space and rescue Xavier, Lilandra and the Starjammers from the Skrulls, who are impersonating them. Bishop, a mutant from the future, joins the team to hunt down mutant criminals of the future, including the evil Trevor Fitzroy. (Uncanny X-Men #272-283)

X-Men 1992

Bishop, Malcolm and Randall continue to hunt down criminals from the future and search for Trevor Fitzroy. Malcolm and Randall are eventually killed and Bishop avenges them with the help of the X-Men. Somewhere in the future, Bishop remembers that someone in the X-Men will eventually betray them and get them killed. At a benefit concert in Central Park Xavier is shot by a man resembling Cable and lies in critical condition. The teams of X-Men, X-Factor, and X-Force (formerly the New Mutants) are called into battle, which leads to the X-Cutioner’s Song storyline. (Uncanny X-Men #284-295)

X-Men 1993

It is revealed that it is Cable’s evil clone, Stryfe, is the culprit behind Xavier’s shooting in an attempt to destroy Apocalypse for infecting Cable with the Legacy Virus. Xavier survives the assassination attempt by Stryfe and both he and Apocalypse are defeated. Uncanny X-Men celebrates its 30th anniversary with the return of Magneto and a new band of mutant underlings, the Acolytes. Another major storyline called Fatal Attractions takes place where Magneto has Wolverine’s adamantium completely removed from his skeleton and turns him into an animal. With no choice left, Xavier renders Magneto into a vegetative state while the X-Men battle the Acolytes. (Uncanny X-Men #296-307)

X-Men 1994

Jean proposes marriage to Cyclops, who gladly accepts, and they are married in front of friends, family and fellow teammates. Cyclops and Cable reconcile and begin mending their relationship during a battle with X-Cutioner. Archangel and Psylocke begin an affair. Xavier manages to guide Emma Frost back into her original body and, with the help of Banshee, forms a new group of young mutants known as Generation X. Xavier begins to have nightmares of his son Legion, who plans on saving the future by killing Magneto. (Uncanny X-Men #308-319)

X-Men 1995

Legion goes back in time twenty years to Israel with the intent to kill Magneto, but accidentally kills Xavier, setting off a chain of events that disrupts the timeline and sets up the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline. After the timeline is eventually restored, an incapacitated Juggernaut warns Bishop and Beast about the coming of Onslaught. Cannonball graduates from X-Force and joins the X-Men as the “Blue” and “Gold” teams are merged. (Uncanny X-Men #320-327)

X-Men 1996

Emma Frost helps Iceman reach his full potential with his ice powers, while Rogue and Gambit decide to break up. Wolverine becomes more feral since losing his adamantium skeleton. (Uncanny X-Men #328-339)

X-Men 1997

Meanwhile, a man known as Bastion sets up an initiative, and eventual storyline, known as Operation: Zero Tolerance to end the threat of mutants. (Uncanny X-Men #340-350)

X-Men 1998

Kitty Pryde is kidnapped by a group of mutants calling themselves “X-Men” and discovers that Xavier is their leader. Later, both she and Storm discover that Juggernaut is dying when they meet his partner Black Tom Cassidy in South Korea and are attacked by warriors. Marrow joins the X-Men and develops a romantic interest in Colossus. Rogue decides to search for Gambit while the rest of the X-Men decide to find Xavier and rescue him, thus beginning the Search for Xavier crossover with X-Men. (Uncanny X-Men #351-362)

X-Men 1999

The X-Men battle the Brotherhood of Mutants on Alcatraz and discover that a powerless Xavier is their leader. Mimic, now a member of the Brotherhood, is vaporized by “Cerebrite Alpha”. On Christmas Eve, Colossus is visited by the ghost of his deceased sister Illyana. Magneto and the Acolytes return once again, setting the stage for the “Magneto War” storyline. It was revealed that Joseph was not, in fact, a de-aged and amnesiac Magneto, but a clone. He is eventually killed in battle with Magneto. Xavier later discovers that a Skrull was impersonating Wolverine, and that the real Logan was still missing. (Uncanny X-Men #363-375)

X-Men 2000–present

When Apocalypse returned, he claimed to know the Twelve, the only twelve mutants who could unite to destroy him. Cyclops defeated him by merging with him, leading to Jean Grey’s departure and “The Search for Cyclops” storyline.

During the “Eve of Destruction,” Jean assembles a rookie team consisting of Northstar, Frenzy, Sunpyre, Wraith, Dazzler, and Omerta to battle Magneto after he takes Xavier hostage.

During this time, Storm broke off of the main team and took many members with her, forming the X-Treme X-Men, whose purpose was to find the diaries of the mutant precognitive, Destiny. The results of this were the death of Psylocke, the return and second mutation of Beast, the addition of Gambit to the group, and the introduction of new members Lifeguard and Slipstream.

Storm’s team returns with Rachel Grey and Storm forms a new team, X.S.E. The new team consists of Storm, Bishop, Sage, Cannonball, Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine. Their first several missions included rescuing X-23 from the Savage Land, taking down the new Hellfire Club, and the resurrection of Psylocke, who would later join the Exiles. The team continues to change and develop until “Messiah Complex,” where all the teams come together.

The entire X-Men team relocates to San Francisco. There, they fight the Hellfire Cult and the Sisterhood of Mutants, being led by Madelyne Pryor in her new guise as the Red Queen, but she is later revealed not to be the true Madelyne, but a psionic ghost manifestation of her Goblin Queen persona. Psylocke returned from the Exiles during this time as well.

The events of “Dark Reign” are also putting a strain on the X-Men due to the involvement of the Dark X-Men and the Dark Avengers. The events of that storyline concluded with Cyclops establishing a new island haven for mutantkind called Utopia, built on the remains of Asteroid M. Namor, Cloak and Dagger defected from Osborn’s side and joined the team formally as well.

The ongoing Nation X storyline will focus on the return of the re-powered Magneto. It is also hinted that Jean Grey will return sometime soon; although, whether this will be after the events of Dark Reign is unknown. This was revealed by writer Matt Fraction in a recent interview from an Uncanny X-Men issue.[citation needed] In previous interviews with writers of the series, when asked about whether or not Jean Grey will return, the answer has most commonly been, “Jean Grey is dead.” However, Fraction stated in an interview that the mutant messiah Hope Summers looks remarkably like Jean. This was further alluded to during the aftermath of Second Coming when Emma Frost not only saw an image of the Phoenix Force in Hope’s vicinity, but also witnessed her momentarily taking on the appearance of Jean as well.

Spin-offs and crossovers

Since the introduction of 1991’s X-Men series, the plotlines of the various titles have intermingled to varying degrees. However, they were split into two groups: the Gold Team (featured in The Uncanny X-Men), which consisted of Storm, Bishop, Colossus, Archangel, Iceman, and Jean Grey; and the Blue Team (featured in X-Men), which consisted of Cyclops, Psylocke, Beast, Wolverine, Jubilee, Rogue, and Gambit.

From 1991–1995, briefly in 1997, and from 2000 on, The Uncanny X-Men and X-Men featured different battalions of X-Men. Appearances of an Uncanny X-Men character in X-Men, or vice versa, was common, but major stories featuring the characters were normally featured in their respective monthly title.

From 1995–1996, when Scott Lobdell was writing both series, and from 1998–2000, when Alan Davis was writing both, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men were effectively treated as a single bi-weekly series, in which plotlines from Uncanny X-Men led directly into the next issue of X-Men.

Like many popular comic book series, Uncanny X-Men also had an associated double-sized annual series, once in both 1970 and 1971, then regularly from 1979–2001. After the success of the Ultimate annuals, a second series of Uncanny X-Men Annual began in 2006 (as volume 2, issue #1).

Source: All writing and information by the contributors of, edited for length and content.