Go the distance….

Contributed by Julie Bond, EAC Board Member

Field of Dreams:   Every time I drive up to the new EAC location at EHS for an opening exhibit, this is what comes to mind when I see the the line of cars coming into the parking lot.  The sight reminds me of the voice in the movie “Field of Dreams” and, specifically, the stream of cars at the end that are coming to see Kevin Costner’s  illogical baseball field, built in the middle of his corn crop, under the guidance of a very nonspecific voice.

The character played by Costner, Ray Kinsella, didn’t know or understand why he built the baseball field until the end. An artist usually follows the same path.  They have an inner voice that propels them to dare to create the imaginative and often times improbable in their work.  The finished product reveals the mystery.  The Arts Center has also been through this creative metamorphosis, however, the planning and work was guided by very specific wisdom.

In the movie, everyone thought that Costner was crazy, “What’s he doing to his corn?” “He’s lost his mind!” “At least my husband didn’t plow under his crop!”  In another scene, Costner tries to explain to his in-laws the baseball game he is watching on his field but they see nothing, Not all people can see the players. The parallels between this movie and the creative process are uncanny, especially, when it is something that is new or different.  Eventually, in the end, we realize that Ray Kinsella built a beautiful thing that people needed and didn’t realize.  Finally, everyone can see the players, the field and they love it.  “When did these players get here?  Do not give up this field Ray!”

You are invited to a field of dreams, there is something out there if you have the courage to come and see it.  What a story it will be….

The next stream of headlights will be arriving on Friday, June 17th for SNIKT!: The X-Men Collection exhibit.

Another similar story was made into a movie by Steven Spielberg.. You may have heard of it, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.