Nathan Motsinger:
Skateboards and Paintings

Nathan’s Artist Statement:

The intensity I felt after the passing of my best friend first inspired me to paint. The realization that I could express my inner emotions and feelings through such raw materials led me to pursue my two-dimensional art degree in my undergraduate study. My desire to grow as an artist means I am ready to take the necessary steps forward to achieve my professional and personal goals. While obtaining my bachelor’s of Fine Art degree at Eastern Illinois University I began to expand my artistic boundaries. I further challenged myself when I studied abroad in Paris. The experience of a new culture immersed with so much artistic energy influenced my creative process and the museums I visited there heightened my understanding of creating quality artwork. Paris pushed me to a new level of professionalism and furthered my desire to keep maturing as an artist. I am constantly searching for new ways to both connect with and challenge myself through various mediums of painting.

Because of these aspirations to further develop my art skills; I began an entrepreneurship of hand painting skateboard decks. Embarking on my own business venture helped to make me a more confident as an artist. I am a dedicated painter who believes that my imagination exceeds my own ability, and because of this I sometimes find it difficult to convey my inner thoughts. I am open to constructive criticism, and understand that by enlisting the help of others I can effectively develop my own personal style. I am determined to exceed my personal expectations, and I look forward to obtaining more knowledge by continuing my education. I am eager to develop into a more competent artist, and hope to pass on the insight I have received from past and forthcoming endeavors to future generations of aspiring artists.

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