Friday, April 20, 4 pm -8 pm
Saturday, April 21, 10 am – 4 pm

The 10 participating artists, who represent some of our regions finest, produce unique one-of-a-kind pieces; perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, weddings, graduation and other special occasions. The artists will be selling their individual works that include jewelry, hand-woven fibers, cloth figures, glass, wood fired pottery and mixed media prints.

The core group of “Inspired Hands” has shown together each fall for nearly 20 years.  This year’s spring show will be the first for the group.  And with the April show, the group embraces 4 additional artists.

Always known for their resourceful spirit, artists are especially creative during times of economic challenge.

“The sale began originally as a home show, but we quickly outgrew the space,” said Ellen Klamon, jeweler and one of original artists. “Our current format is somewhat like a small scale art fair.  The cozy setting provides an opportunity for people to meet the artists, and learn something about the inspiration and techniques used to make the work.”

“Our goal is to produce an elegant show with high quality work in an intimate setting,” said potter Charity Davis-Woodard.  “Our fall holiday sale is held each year at the Ethical Society on Clayton Road in St. Louis.  However, the beautiful EAC gallery, in Edwardsville, will provide the perfect environment for our new spring show.  We look forward to meeting new people, making new friends and welcoming our regular clients to this venue.”

About the Artists

Dan Anderson

He is currently a full-time studio artist following 32 years of teaching ceramics at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He is a NEA individual artist fellowship recipient plus he has been awarded six artist fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council. An avid wood firing enthusiast, he has his own anagama kiln at his Old Poag Road Clay and Glass studio.

Lisa Becker

She has been working with glass for over 15 years. Her designs are inspired by the shapes and textures of nature, the lines of architecture, and the depth of the human form. In addition to her own studio work, she creates custom stained glass pieces for clients and teaches glass at Art Glass Array in St. Charles, Missouri.

Susan Bostwick

Inspired by the garden, Edwardsville artist Susan Bostwick creates ceramic pieces that describe a world of transformation and regeneration.  Her sculptures, made from earthenware and finished with layers of slips and glazes, are both whimsical and wistful.  Her recent series of unearthed teapots and teacups provide a setting for nesting birds and curious insects.  Susan’s work has been published in numerous books including Teapots Transformed and The Yixing Effect.

Deborrah Daher

‘Contemporary, fresh design’, describes the jewelry of award winning artist, Deborrah Daher.
Her work, fabricated from precious metals, incorporates unique gemstones from around the world.  Each brooch, neckpiece, or pair of earrings, is worn as a unique portable sculpture.

Charity Davis-Woodard

Her porcelain pottery is fired in a traditional wood kiln.  The process of stoking the kiln for 17 hours brings a uniquely warm, complex surface to her functional pots. The marriage between the surface details imposed by hand and the variations added by the firing process invite an element of chance to the finished piece. “Offering aesthetic, useful objects is a rewarding way of attempting to contribute something of honest intent to the world,” said Charity.

Jill Hunter

Minnesota Artist Jill Hunter, returns to the region; offering her elegant scarves, purses and wraps.
Jill’s hand-dyed bamboo, silk and wool fiber and her original designs come together with stunning results.  Jill combines traditional techniques with state of the art software created for multi-harness looms.

Ellon Klamon

St. Louis artist and metal smith, Ellen Klamon, makes colorful jewelry with a playful botanical theme.  Made from silver and copper, Ellen incorporates colored pencils, epoxy resins, glass and natural beads for color. A “Best of Missouri Hands” artist, her work can be found in galleries, shops, and fine craft fairs throughout the country.

Lanie Kodner

With 30 years experience as a metal smith, Lanie Kodner combines gold, silver and copper to create her jewelry. The precious and semi-precious stones that Lanie uses often dictate the flow and composition of a piece.  Her current work incorporates the ancient Korean technique, Kum Boo, which fuses 24k gold onto fine silver, giving the work an added layer of interest.

Ruth Kolker
The combination of printmaking with painting offers an exciting journey of discovery for artist Ruth Kolker. How the two disciplines are layered creates a strong visual texture.  Her paintings, inspired by landscapes and natural forms, combine with the pattern, shape and texture of found objects.  The addition of line and color transform the spirit of each composition.

C. Alana Tibbets

She founded Agosia Arts on the philosophies of profound respect for nature, celebration of fine craft traditions and conscientious recycling of materials. Alana utilizes traditional fiber art techniques to create one-of-a-kind artworks, and cloth figures. Her work is an outlet for her many interests and inspirations: beautiful fabrics, historical clothing, animist and American folk-art, and the flora and fauna of the western United States.  Her animal figures have been included in 500 Handmade Dolls by Lark Books and were featured in the October 2008 issue of Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion.

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