Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Exhibit Start Date: June 1
Exhibit End Date: July 6
Curated By: Dennis DeToye, Pat Quinn, and Kathryn Stullken
Sponsored By: Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits

Remember a time when summers were about watching the elders, make jewelry, carve the wood, grow the flowers, make and design the pots, create the wares they needed to make daily life easier and using what they had available to them to do this. “Folk, Fiber and Flowers” celebrates these traditional arts combined with the newness of today. EAC is showcasing local artists in this large group show; bringing together a multitude of work for the viewer, with an emphasis on Folk, Fiber and Flowers. Also part of the Folk, Fiber and Flowers Show, are the local floral designers who have been asked to create sustainable floral arrangements that will be raffled off, with the proceeds going to help support the mission of the EAC. The Folk, Fiber and Flowers show is a full month long exhibition filled with flowers and bird paintings, ceramics, jewelry and the “traditional arts” of basketry, woodworking, metalwork, doll-making, and weaving. Come be a part of this show and support the visual arts.

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