EAC Holiday Show is a “Cash and Carry” show. The exhibition will be comprised of artwork that is for sale, not to exceed $500 dollars in price. The artwork is not necessarily themed to the Christmas Holiday, instead it is art that patrons can enjoy year round. The artist’s are being asked to have for 2d 3-4 pieces, 3d up to 7 pieces, all depending on the sizes and can be discussed with the EAC exhibition committee. The exhibition will run Nov 30 to the end of December, during which artists can replace piece that have been sold with others to sell, as long as it fits in the space where the sold piece stood.

EAC is asking for professional artist’s to create and donate an ornament as part of the annual membership fundraiser in December. All ornaments have to be created and signed by artists, not bought. They can’t be larger than 3-4 inches in diameter and must be light enough to hang on a Holiday tree for display.

Send a bio, a statement and 3-5 high resolution jpeg images to EAC by Friday, October 12th.

Contact the office at 618-655-0337 or office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com