Mapmaking could be marked as a step in human evolution. Maps are the product humans gathering something huge and far beyond our ability to comprehend with our own two eyes, from our one perspective, and summarizing it into something we can hold in our own hands and follow.
My work takes things we struggle to understand about our skin, because they are caused by an internal series of chemical reactions, and puts it in a man-made format, created for our perspective understanding. Skin is the largest organ of the human body; it is the first defense of the immune system and vital to our ability to regulate our internal temperature. And because it is our outermost layer and exposed to the world, it is also prone to rashes, imperfections, and sunburn; making it the victim of our poking, covering, and scratching. I use map-influenced imagery and watercolor to illustrate skin cells, layers, and reactions. This began as an autobiographical endeavor and grew into something far beyond myself, it is been made more fulfilling to make by the inclusion of all of our struggles and not just my own.