Opening Reception: Friday, May 15th, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: May 15th – June 19th

Artist Statement: I view these works as a personal timeline in which each stage of my interests is documented. The small plein air paintings were a part of my first experience of painting outside. I believe this is where my desire to paint landscape came from.

Painting nature from observation strengthened a desire in me to learn. By painting numerous scenes among nature, I was able to experiment with color and space. Producing paintings quickly outside loosened my brushstrokes for my future work and accelerated the beginning stages of my painting process. Most importantly, it stimulated a feeling within me. This feeling is the reason I’ve continued to paint landscape. It is my sense of wonder in nature that drives my work.

“Very Much Alive” was a small turning point in my work. Inspired by Millais’ “Ophelia”, I started to hold interest in painting figure. It seemed only natural that I would start to paint figure and landscape together. This has led to my most current work. The larger paintings meet my desire to understand and appreciate the origin in which I first perceived nature. I spent most of my childhood in the woods with my best friend after school. That consistent curiosity that allowed me to explore new territory until the sun went down, those Midwestern landscapes that I grew up in: these elements are still a part of me. Therefore the figures in these paintings can be seen as self-portraits.