Opening Reception: Friday, May 27th

Exhibition Dates:  May 27th – June 17th

In the Student Gallery:  EAC Art Classes

“Multiplicity: The use of Repetition in Contemporary Art” explores the use of repetition, theme and variation, and iterations of objects in art. In both historical and contemporary art, multiples are used not only as a means of production, but also as a way to explore a variety of solutions to a given problem. The exhibiting artists utilize multiples in their work for a variety of reasons – for some, the use of multiples may be their way of leading the viewer to a larger theme or idea. For others, repetition is used as a design technique, drawing attention to pattern or rhythm in the work. We often think about art as being singular, “one-of-a-kind” objects; this show will challenge viewers to consider what repetition, either in process or in design, brings to the table.