Opening Reception:  Friday,August 4th

Exhibit Dates:  August 4th – September 1st

Curated by Steven Gray

In the Student Gallery:  Masterpiece Monday’s by Summer Zone Kids

“From Pedals to Medals,” is a bicycle themed art show featuring eight artists, all of whom are bike enthusiasts or enjoy working with bike imagery as a part of their artistic language. Artists included are Jake Burnett, JJ Froese, Beverly Krieb, John Locus, Marcia Locus, Josiah Long, Dan Singer and Rob Zilch. This show will showcase the work of artists with vastly different takes on the world of bicycling that run the gamut from moments of quiet introspection to all-out, elbow to elbow competition. With the wonderful trail network that we have at our disposal, Edwardsville has truly become a bicycle town. Events such as the Edwardsville Criterium Bicycle Race have provided an impetus for this exhibit…a careful observer just might spot some images as well.

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