Opening Reception: Friday, October 20th

Exhibit Dates:  October 20th – November 17th

Curated by Jason Bly

In the Student Gallery:  EHS Students and Advanced Placement

Description: “Void: Places Without People” is an exhibition showcasing empty places, beautiful and striking in their silence. All works thematically or visually adhere to imagery that evokes places that are usually full with human involvement, yet empty due a variety of scenarios, real or imagined. These can be images of depictions of places in their already empty natural state, or overtly manipulated to bring attention to the deleted human elements. Non-traditional approaches involving choices of media, challenging visualized perspectives, distortion of form, non-representational imagery, and personal narrative works are welcome.

Artists:  Ken Konchel, Matt Kuhlman, Natalie Pivony, Sue Raker, Linda Rawson, Christina Macaulay, George Lorio, C. Otis Sweezy, Regan Melton, Joseph Langley, Hal Moran, Todd Shaak, Andrew Bievenue, Jacob Crook, Sara Luck, Zach Koch, Jackie Johnson, Ginger Rasmussen, Tom Potthoff, Daniel Petroline, Angie Gunnoe, Talia Long, and Jane Floyd-Hendey.