This work is made from earthenware clay using thrown and hand built components. The pieces are then layered with slips, stains and glaze through multiple firings.

bostwick 3  bostwick 1  bostwick 2


Terra Cotta clay fired to cone 1 with colored terra sig and glaze. Functional Ceramics

arnold 5  arnold 4    arnold 2

Clay pieces to be used inside or outside. Green Men created in clay fired to cone 6 or 10. Some pieces glazed in earth tones to blend in the garden or home.

london 2  london 1  london 3


Pottery vessels and clay sculptures. In some case the clay sculptures are mounted on wood with pipes as their supports. The potter’s wheel is used for vessels. Angela Hung’s vessels are often altered after the initial form has been thrown on the wheel.

huber 2    huber 3    huber 5

Wood, Soda High-fired Stoneware and porcelain. Functional Ceramics

koester 5  koester 4    koester 1


I use clay slab combined with wheel thrown then altered to make one of a kind functional teapots.

liu 1 liu 4 liu 3


Clay vessels & sculpture primitive fired in saw dust after applying a copper patina to bisque ware.  This results in the unique fire clouds and colorful patinas.

colombarini 4 colombarini 3 colombarini 2

Digital and Graphic Design


My goal is to capture an image in such a way that it will stir the emotions of those viewing it. It is not my desire to have everyone viewing my work to have the same reaction but just to have a reaction. And I enjoy getting the chance to discuss what the image means to them.



Using my own photography, digitally combined, manipulated and drawn into, I create new images of my own concept. Inkjet printed with archival inks and papers. I print editions limited to 20 prints. All work is my original concept.

vivod 4  vivod 3  vivod 2

Drawing and Printmaking

I use a variety of media to create colorful, fun pieces that bring out the inner child. I like to experiment with color, shape, form and space to create my work.

sapp 4  sapp 1  sapp 2

hand pulled block prints in the Japanese method on Acid free Rice paper, hand coloured with perm. inks and wax pencil.

jaeger-ashland 1  jaeger-ashland 4  jaeger-ashland 2


I love using a bold palette in my pastel landscapes. These unexpected colors add fun & excitement. Soft pastels & a watercolor or ink underpainting are used. I strive to create work full of rhythm & color.

crisman 4  crisman 3   crisman 1

Charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas.

day 1  day 4    day 2


I make Cyanotypes, an early form of photography that are also known as sun prints. I am moved to create these because the color is so lovely and I feel I am creating an illustration of an imagined moment in a old fairy tale or fable.

wheelock 4  wheelock 1  wheelock 3


Woodcut prints, monoprints, and paintings with rollers.

plummer 3  plummer 4  plummer 1

Fine Craft


The ancient process of working with wool fibers by adding water and manipulating the fibers and vigorously working each piece until it has fully felted creating a one of a kind item.

wensing 3  wensing 4  wensing 2  


Handwoven fiber. I design, warp and weave each original design item to wear , use or art for view. Selection of fine fibers (some my own sheep fiber which I spin and hand dye) are used to create unique pieces.

kettler 3  kettler 1


My work is made of a variety of leathers including cowhide, water buffalo, American bison, deerskin, moose, elk, etc. The nature and characteristic of each hide determines its ultimate end use.

rye 1 rye 4 rye 2

One of a kind creations by Showay Chang and Carolyn Simpson, a melding of Asian and Western art.  Carl Behmer will also be showing his work.

chang 4  chang 1  chang 2  


I make one of a kind, wearable art and wall pieces of felted, upcycled wool and other natural fibers. My use of color and texture, positive and negative space and bold, graphic design refer to the Past and the Now.

    baer 2   baer 3   baer 4     


I work in many fiber media including stitching, embroidery, shibori dyeing, weaving and knitting

ottwell 3  Ottwell 1  ottwell 2


I use both traditional and unique techniques to stretch the bounds of the leather medium; quality functional items; artistic creations; new and unique designs with simple to complex decorations.

luttrell 3   luttrell 4   luttrell 1



Fused glass, some with metal inclusions.

mollman 4  mollman 1

Handcrafted blown, fused, cast and torch worked glass.

bodnar 1  bodnar 3 bodnar 4


Glass blown by classic furnace technique and at a torch.In the latter,colors are melted in the flame and melded together with exact precision forming cleaes and intricate designs.Other pieces show the whimsical,playful possibilities when glass is fluid.

herzog 4  Bloom    herzog 2

Glass vessels and sculpture.

vick 4   vick 1   vick 2


My designs often utilize the chemical reactive properties of glass. Powdered glass is used to add depth and color variations. Slabs of glass are sliced on a wet saw to reveal interior designs.

becker 4  becker 3


Traditional handblown glass vessels, wall arrays & seasonal objects with cane & hot bits in strong, bold contemporary color.

smith 3   smith 1   smith 4


blown and altered glass. techniques used include cane & murrini mosaics, incalmo joints, color overlays, and switched axis transfers. surface designs are hand-cut and sand-carved. one piece at a time.

cray 4   cray 1   cray 3


I use dichroic glass and other glass to produce wearable sculptures, ornaments and mobiles. I achieve a 3d look with a tac fuse, formed by kiln firing at different temps and hold times. I overlay clears and dichroic glass and use sterling silver.

hake 4   hake 1   hake 3


Blown glass using a variety of hot and cold working techniques such as incalmo and wheel carving.

mccarthy 4   McCarthy 2



I source antique buttons and combine them with semi-precious stones,sterling,gold filled and plated metal components. I also have a line of recycled bottle glass pieces that I combine combine with the buttons and in pieces by themselves.

gurgone 3   gurgone 1   gurgone 2


I use precious and non precious metal to create my art. Techniques includes filigree saw cut designs where I use just the most basic tools such as a drill, jewelers saw, file and sandpaper. Chainmaille where I start with just wire and coil it, cut and weave.

suter 3   suter 2   suter 1


My work is both functional and sculptural. I am inspired by architecture, nature and the figure, which I expressed through the use of precious metals, stones, textures, pearls, and found objects.

lin 1   lin 2   lin 3

Re-cycled copper pieces transformed into handmade jewelry. The copper is hand cut, shaped, hammered, textured and filed. The copper jewelry pieces are accessorized with wire-wrapping and natural gemstones. Each piece is 100% hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind.

serbousek 4   serbousek 3   serbousek 1


Jewelry created from 14kt &18kt gold,fine &sterling silver with other metals such as platinum,palladium,kuromido,and copper. Set with fine gems, minerals & fossils.I combine casting, forging & fabrication to complete my unique designs.

sugg-santoro 4   sugg-santoro 3   sugg-santoro 1


My jewelry uses techniques including kiln and torch fired enamel, powder coating, fabrication and stone setting. I primarily use sterling silver, with some Kuemboo and gold foils. The work is unique and quite colorful.

miller 3 miller 4 miller 1


I torch & kiln enamel iron, copper & silver. I often add seed bead woven pieces & gemstones. Color inspires me, so enameling has been a very rewarding addition to my skills. I focus on making each one of a kind piece something easily worn in everyday life.

holland-daly 1  holland-daly 4  holland-daly 3


I design & fabricate jewelry one piece at a time using sterling silver sheet, wire & metalsmith tools.Texture created with chemical etch, flame texture or punches. forms forged & fabricated creating clasps & hinges. Stones are added as accent or as focal point

bell 3  bell 2  bell 1

I use a combination of photo-etched copper from my own photographs, cut out and mounted on enameled copper, as well as using enamel and copper only, with strong shapes, colors and patterns.

krinsky 1   krinsky 4   krinsky 2


Sterling, 18&22kt gold, precious stones and jaspers. Fused, etched metals. Reticulation, forming. All stones are bezel,prong or tube set with some inlay. Collars and chains made by me. Patinas used to highlight texture in the metal.

king 3  king 2  king 1

Mixed Media

My collages are created using acid free art tissue paper. Then stain them with acrylic paint and/or inks. Then some are stamped with designs, painted with acrylics paint and while wet create textures.

witt 2  witt 4  witt 3


sketches of animals from the st louis zoo, i try to capture the emotion this particular animal has. After the print is made of the sketch, i paint layers of transparent colors to accentuate the colors of nature and give the painting depth.

behrens 2   behrens 4   behrens 3

Mixed media using some print making, watercolors, and soot from an oil lamp. I start with a drawing and add the watercolor and finish with the soot by using a variety of tools to draw into it.

english 4   english 3   english 1


Drawings, paintings and photographs. Experimenting with mixed media of Wax and Dye, Rice Paper, Wet pastels, Natural ingredients, e.g. charcoal from fire pit and crushed flowers. Most work is 2 D except for Rice Paper Sculptures in shadow boxes.

mccall 2   mccall 1   mccall 4


Lime based plasters, acrylics, glazing, leafing applied to canvas, board, glass and mirror tiles to create wall art and serving wear.

warnecke 2   warnecke 1   warnecke 3


Sculptures In Limestone are hand carved with basically homemade tools then hand painted/stained with acrylics



Mixed Media on repurposed materials such as wood and reclaimed canvas. By using color theory, found imagery and design elements my work becomes thought provoking and a visual language that is an approach to expression of form, space and color.

wagner 2  wagner 4  wagner 3


Oils brushed and poured on sculpted wood and wood panels. Each sculpted piece begins as a brush stroke,that image is carved,sanded, brushed in oils, mounted on varying planes to emphasize dimensionality.

cluck 4 cluck 1

Oil and Acrylic


Paintings are oil on canvas or panel. They depict either the mundane or unusual but focus on a particular light situation. The construction of the images are done with marks that describe the forms but can also break apart.

crow 3


Acrylic on canvas. My work is very textured, almost 3D. Many layers of paint, washes, acrylic mediums and papers create these textures. I also use some palette knife techniques. Whimsy, joy and happy are words that could describe my work.

gray 2  gray 3  gray 1


Acrylic on canvas. Layers upon layers of paints give the raw definition of legs and outlines. The paintings are not meant to be clean, but more a bloom of ideas that shift and turn with each stroke.

van lueven 4    van lueven 1 van lueven 2

Large scale oil on masonite.

parris 3   parris 4   parris 1


Landscape and wildlife paintings in oil and acrylic, using my own photos and sketches from natural areas as references for compositions.

langley 1   langley 2   langley 4


Acrylic on Canvas or masonite board. some acrylic paintings include collage elements like sheet music or book text.

olin 4   olin 1   olin 2


Impressionist landscape. oil on panel.

  brauer 3  brauer 2  brauer 1


Fluid acrylic poured paintings manipulated on canvas that allows both the media and myself the artist to have strong voices in the final product. Vivid colors and organic forms evoke natural elements, juxtaposed by the synthetic nature of acrylics

millman 1  millman 2  millman 3


Large scale, expressive abstract paintings on canvas featuring bright vibrant acrylic paint colors juxtaposed with muted earthy tones. These pieces are composed to compliment many styles of home and or corporate interior decor.

rinderer 4   rinderer 1


I work with acrylic, paper, plastic, and prints in my paintings, which are used to make cohesive combinations of patterns, textures, and imagery that is inspired by my photography and ink drawings.

  downs 2  downs 1  downs 3


I apply oil onto stretched canvas using brush sizes ranging from 1/8 inches to 2 inches.

mcnair 1  mcnair 2  mcnair 3

Painting Including Tempera, Botanical, Gouache, or Waterolor


I work in mixed water media: acrylic, watercolor, gouache, tempera. I use bright strong colors to convey the feeling that I like.

mayhew-hamm 3   mayhew-hamm 1  mayhew-hamm 2


Watercolor, coffee, t-shirt paint & oil. Using layering to achieve depth and texture. Each piece calls for something different. I like to experiment with the different mediums to get the end results. I love the look of coffee with the bright paint colors.

freeman 4  freeman 3  freeman 1



Medium format painterly impressions of natural events, each printed by the artist from the original negative, using traditional darkroom techniques. NO DIGITAL processes. Display pieces are presented in a laminated glassless format, assuring no reflected glare

canham 4  canham 3


Digitally captured photographs of familiar common subjects found locally, printed on photographic paper, metallic paper, aluminum plate. All are matted and/or framed, except those on standout backs, metal, or wood substrate. Sizes range from 6×9 to 36×48.

  locus 4    locus 3

Digital prints on metal.

floyd-hendey 2  floyd-hendey 3


Original photos printed on large format film. Film emulsion is chemically separated from the film backing and fused onto Japanese ginwashi rice paper by hand in a time-consuming & delicate process.

vogel 3  vogel 2


I capture original landscape and waterscape images for display in homes, offices and medical buildings. My technique in the field is careful, deliberate and solely dependent on light. Digital photography with minimal use of software. Limited edition prints.

 kesner 1 kesner 2


A wide collection of Photographs & 36 Panoramas capturing vanishing abandoned farmhouses dating from the 1800’s from years of driving backroads in the midwest. The images capture the entire range of available light using 40-90 exposures merged into the image

durk 2  durk 1


Matted and framed original photos, photo notecards, and decorative pillows with original photos printed into fabric.

solon 4    solon 1


Giclee prints on canvas, tin, or photographic, metallic, and luster coasted paper. Technique includes visualizing the imagery, choosing the right equipment, and post processing and editing for color correct, white balance, contrast, etc.

  matt miller 1 matt miller 2


All work is shot with film, digital & medium format cameras. Printed by the artist on 300 lb watercolor paper; then coated with unique acrylic to protect the images and allow for display without glass. The image is presented without REFLECTION or GLARE.

meade 3   meade 1


My subjects are plants and insects, mainly closeup and macro images. I strive to capture the essence of my subjects with simple, uncluttered images using color and form. I do all of my printing and use water color type papers.

 dana 3  dana 1  dana 4


Acrylic paint on plaster.

kaase 3   kaase 2   kaase 1

Metal sculpture created by cutting, heating, bending & welding steel and stone.

Matyszczyk 4 Matyszczyk 3

Fabricated aluminum and stainless steel.

trobaugh 3   trobaugh 4   trobaugh 1


I make whimsical figures out of clay that make people smile.Each original work is sculpted using various hand building techniques. Then fired and glazed. A custom made decorative wood base is sometimes added to complete the work.

lloyd 4   lloyd 1   lloyd 2



I create unique functional art. I recycle fallen trees to display the inner secrets hidden deep inside. Some are simple bowls, while others are elegant pieces of art. My pieces highlight wood’s natural beauty and are as much a joy to hold as they are to see.

schlapkohl 2


I create homes for jewelry and other treasures, writing instruments and sculptural pieces from the finest North American and exotic hardwoods of the world.



I use a mixture of wood species sustainably harvested locally to create heirloom quality furniture. I create all styles of furniture including arts and crafts, mid century, and modern. My goal is to display the woods natural beauty while maintaining function.

wall 4      wall 2


All items are as unique as the wood, and other mediums used in their creation.

conroy 1