Creativity, Community and Common Ground

Contributed by Pat Quinn
A definition of Creativity:
Creativity is the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic objects or form. The term generally refers to a richness of ideas and originality of thinking. Psychological studies of highly creative people […]

Support the Creative Spirit

Because you are a living, breathing human being.
Contributed by Julie Bond, EAC Board Member

Sometimes it feels as if we’ve lost the connection within our culture with regards to the importance art plays in our everyday function as human beings.  The creative hand touches everything that we do on a daily basis.  Museums would not exist […]

Where will creativity lead you?

Contributed by Steve Hartman, EAC Board Member

Steve Jobs died yesterday. He will be missed, and never forgotten. You all know who he is. Because of his vision, you may even be reading this on a device designed and produced because of him. But his death gives me pause to dwell on his importance, and […]