Edwardsville Public Library

Jenna McNair

On display at the Edwardsville Public Library  at 112 S. Kansas St. in Edwardsville, IL.

Jenna received her B.F.A from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale with a specialization in Painting, along with Minors in Art History and Museum Studies.  She is an oil painter continuously seeking knowledge to expand her awareness and perspective of her […]

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Andrew Dobson

I first started taking photographs as a way to supplement my skills as a designer and provide myself a portfolio of stock photos to use in graphic design projects, but like so many others before me, once I picked up a camera it never seemed to leave my hands. I have never sought to specialize […]

Dave Yates

After producing a series of large-scale works involving birds, I decided I wanted to be more spontaneous and work in a smaller format.  This gave me an opportunity to be more experimental with the application of the paint.  For these works, I rarely ever use any visual references.  I try to envision the bird and […]

Dennis Ringering

January 28th – February 9th

Research of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs in the Southwest and cave paintings in France and Spain led to the creation of current work. Many drawings/paintings require more than 100 hours to complete. Each is multi-layered surface which is scraped, engraved, drawn and painted with images and symbols.

Dennis is a Professor […]

Maxine Pakovich Callies

I’ve had a love affair with cameras since I was a child and watched my Mother use her old red box camera that produced black and white pictures.  Later, I saved enough money to get a “Brownie” with which I recorded the highlights of my teen years.  Other cameras followed and I captured the growth […]

Edwardsville Public Library Exhibit

Dennis Ringering

Dennis has always been interested in the symbols, images and objects that man makes. His current work evolved from his research of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs in the Southwest.

Petroglyphs and pictographs are humanities’ oldest evidence of artistic expression. Lacking the knowledge of, or perhaps ignoring “renaissance space”, primitive peoples’ figures were frontal and […]

Scott Evers

Scott is our latest exhibiting Artist at the Edwardsville Public Library!