Job Posting – Executive Director

Edwardsville Art Center
Job Posting
Fine Arts Director – Part Time

We are looking for a Fine Arts Director for our local arts center who will work collectively with a Gallery Assistant, an Executive Board, and volunteers to supervise and unify the operations and mission of the art center; The Edwardsville Arts Center inspires the lives of youth […]

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October 14th – Create Your Own Game!

Students can use a variety of materials to create their own game! This project is a great opportunity to make art you can enjoy with friends and family.

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October 21st – Spooky Sillhouetted Trees and Houses

This project will combine collage, painting, and drawing to make a spooky fall silhouette.

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October 28th – Halloween Projects

Our Halloween class this year will have a variety of projects our students can create. Costumes are encouraged!

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November 4th – Puppets

This class will have different puppet making techniques to choose from. Students may choose the characters they want to create and even sketch a story about their characters.

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August 12th – Crazy Collage

Students will be using a variety of unconventional and typical art supplies to make a crazy collage! This will give our students the chance to use their critical thinking skills to create a beautiful artwork from strange materials.

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July 15th – My Best Summer Ever! Painting

Our class will be doing Acrylic on small canvas paintings of the best memory we made this summer.


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July 22nd – Stuffed Animals

Our student will be making a pattern and cutting two identical pieces of fabric to sew together and stuff. We will have felt to cut and glue details as well as buttons, scrap fabric, googly eyes etc. Younger students may glue instead of sewing pattern together.

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July 29th – Felting

Students will be wet felting using wool, soap, and warm water to create landscapes or snakes. Older students may needle felt if they would like to create a 3D felt sculpture.

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August 5th – Scroll Painting

This week our students will use scrolls to create a mixed media painting of a nature scene, a map, or a story they want to tell. Students may choose their media with choices of markers, tempera paint, oil pastel, watercolor paint, and various other media.

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