The Edwardsville Arts Center offers Camps, Classes and Workshops for all ages. Currently, we are offering the following:

Girl Scout Classes | Regular Saturday Classes


Girl Scout Classes

EAC’s Girl Scout Classes were created by an active Girl Scout member, and are designed to promote positive body image and high self-esteem.  Girls ages 10 – 14  will use art as a medium to challenge the typical definition of “beauty” and “perfection” and express what they truly admire about their important female role models.

Teacher:      Sarah Willig

Ages:           Girls, ages 10 – 14

Dates:          First Saturday of every month, through February

Times:          11:30am – 2:30pm

Price:            FREE


Class ONE: Saturday, November 1st

To sign up, call (618) 655-0337 or email

Mixed Media – Choose a woman you look up to.  Bring a photo of the woman to class.  Write down words that describe her, and things she inspires in you, and gifts that this woman has.  Incorporate a photo of this person, along with the words and thoughts, in a painting.

Materials - 11″ x 14″ canvas, acrylic paints and brushes, pencil, photo, and gel medium to overlay photo.


Class TWO: Saturday, December 6th

To sign up, call (618) 655-0337 or email

CollageChoose your favorite “barbie” profession and your favorite “real life” female of the same profession.  For example, Barbie the Teacher vs. your 2nd grade teacer, or Princess Barbie vs. Princess Di.  What makes your favorite real life female special?  Her patience, her inspiration, her good works?  Write down all the reasons you can, and choose the top ten words that describe her.  The words will then be created over and over again in different types and sizes, cut from magazines and newspapers, and then used to create an inspirational collage.

Materials - Bristol board, magazines, newspapers, computers and printers, gel medium


Class THREE: Saturday, January 3rd

To sign up, call (618) 655-0337 or email

Assemblagecreate your own “The Voice of Reason: It’s a Doll, not and Aspiration.”  Students will first choose images of women’s faces from non-fashion magazines, like Newsweek or Time.  They will focus on eyes and smiles.  Students will create a sculpture of a female – head, shoulders and hands.  They will assemble the sculpture, the photos, and a small “Barbie” into a three dimensional assemblage.

Materials - Wooden shadow box, small doll, magazines, acrylic paint, clay, beads, recycled scraps of fabric and other art supplies.


Class FOUR: Saturday, February 7th

To sign up, call (618) 655-0337 or email

Jewelry – students will create either a necklace or a bracelet, incorporating the “Voice of Reason” charm.  During class, positive images and role models of women will be discussed, focusing on what is truly important, to get the girls thinking about true beauty and strength.  That is beauty in actions, beauty in a job well done, beauty in helping others, etc.  The charm will be the focal point of the piece, to encourage questions and dialog with friends and family as well as strangers, to allow the student opportunities to discuss “the Voice of Reason” after the class is over.

Materials – beads, wire, clasps, tools, voice of reason charm.


Regular Saturday Classes

EAC will begin offering FREE classes open to the public beginning November, 2014!  Every week, a new and different class will be posted for the following Saturday.  Classes are FREE of charge, and no registration is necessary.  Just come on in and learn! (Currently, the first Saturday of every month is devoted to Girl Scout art classes.  All other Saturdays we will have regular classes).

Stay tuned to see what class is next!


Teacher:      Will vary

Ages:             Will vary

Dates:           Every Saturday

Times:          11:30am – 2:30pm

Price:            FREE


Saturday, November 8th:  Coming Soon!