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EAC logoEdwardsville Art Fair is a juried fine art show located at City Park in beautiful downtown Edwardsville, Illinois.  Featuring the original works of approximately 100 accomplished artists and scrumptious local food and drink, Edwardsville Art Fair is a three-day opportunity for the family see art, make art, and buy art!

Create IT and Take IT: Children will enjoy Edwardsville Art Fair’s Create IT and City of Edwardsville Logo (2)-bmpTake IT art section where they will create their own take-away art projects. Art materials will be provided for free – all your kids need to do is bring their creativity!

Children’s Art Gallery: With the help of our very generous artists, your kids can discover the joy of choosing and owning a real piece of artwork – created by our very own exhibiting artists! Each of our artists donates a piece of art for the gallery and kids can purchase any item they want for only $50. A perfect opportunity to start an art collection!  All proceeds benefit our FREE art classes for kid’s which take place every Saturday at the EAC.

There’s something for everyone to love at Edwardsville Art Fair.


City Park

101 South Buchanan

Edwardsville, IL 62025


Friday 6 – 10 p.m.

Saturday 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m



Friday, September 21st, 2018

           8:00am – Artist Registration

           10:00am – 4:00pm – Exhibition Set-UP

           5:00pm – 7:00pm – VIP Party for Artists, Sponsors, VIP Guests

           5pm – 10pm – Exhibits Open

Saturday, Sept 22nd, 2018

           12:00pm – 10:00pm – Exhibits Open

           12:00pm – 1:00pm – Children’s Art Gallery open for Children ONLY to buy art

           1:00pm – 5:00pm – Children’s Create IT and Take It open for kids to make and take a number of art projects.  FREE!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

          11:00am – 3:00pm – Exhibits Open 

          11:00am – 3:00pm – Children’s Create IT and Take It open for kids to make and take a number of art projects.  FREE!

          3:00pm – 4:00pm – Exhibits Breakdown



Sign up early!

We will try to honor your selection, but due to staffing requirements, this may not be possible. Signing up early will insure your choice.  Sign up by September 1st to guarantee an Art Fair Volunteer T-shirt!

Sunday evening and Friday morning special request!

We need sufficient Friday morning set-up workers and Sunday evening take-down workers to insure a safe and timely fair-grounds set-up and cleanup. Please consider these shifts first so we can meet the need.

But I want to work multiple shifts!

Volunteer for as many shifts as you would like to work. We will do our best to give you as many slots as possible.

Contact us with any questions!  Email us at office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com, or call at (618) 655-0337.

Volunteer Positions:


EDWARDSVILLE ART FAIR’S CHILDREN’S CREATE IT AND TAKE IT TENT provides our young guests a hands-on experience with art. Our volunteers in the tent help assist with make-it/take-it crafts, face painting, and basic assistance to our young guests. Volunteers in this area do NOT need to have any artistic talents, just an appreciation for our young guests.



The hospitality to our artists is of extreme importance to EDWARDSVILLE ART FAIR. Volunteers help to provide meals, snacks, water and assistance to artists in setup, throughout the show, and in show breakdown. Volunteers will also help with booth-sitting and running errands for artists. As volunteers in hospitality, your job is to make sure the artists are completely satisfied and need for nothing. This position does require some stamina, a positive attitude and a great smile.



Volunteers of the souvenir booth will be helping EDWARDSVILLE ART FAIR guests to remember their time at our show. Volunteers will help by setting up this location, keeping inventory stocked and operating this site. This position is out of the sun and is a sitting position.



Help set up and decorate tent, serve appetizers, and clean up after our guests.  Get tent ready for Children’s Art Gallery Opening



Help artist find their booth location, unload art and tents from loading area and deliver to booth location, help erect tents



We need sufficient Sunday evening take-down workers to insure a safe and timely fair-grounds cleanup. Please consider this shift first so we can meet the need.




children's art gallery picture

Donated artwork by Felicia Olin.

This piece and many more available at the Children’s Art Gallery at Edwardsville Art Fair 2018!

What: With the help of our very generous Edwardsville Art Fair artists, your kids can discover the joy of choosing and owning a real piece of artwork – created by our very own exhibiting artists! For $50, purchase a ticket for your child to enter the Children’s Art Gallery and choose his or her favorite piece of artwork – kids’ choice only, no parents allowed!  Perfect opportunity to start an art collection!

Artwork is donated by the talented artists participating in the Edwardsville Art Fair.  Each work has a minimum value of $50. Many are worth much more.

When:  Saturday, September 22nd at 12pm.  Buy your ticket now to reserve your place in line by signing up here.

Why:  Proceeds from the Children’s Art Gallery FUND our FREE Saturday Art Classes for kids at the Edwardsville Arts Center.





We couldn’t make this wonderful event happen without our generous donors.  To become a sponsor of the Edwardsville Art Fair, please call (618) 655-0337, or send us an email at office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com. We appreciate your support!

Check out our sponsor packet for sponsorship opportunities and details!

Click Here to Download 2018 Sponsor Packet




Art Cash

ART CERTIFICATES may be purchased in $50 increments with a minimum $50 order and then used just like currency to purchase works of art during the three days of the fair. It makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any special occasion.

Art Certificates Rewards

The first 200 patrons who purchase a minimum of $300 in ART CERTIFICATES will receive a poster signed by the artist and 2 tickets to the VIP EVENT


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2017 ARTISTS:  




I have been working in clay for over 30 years. My current work consists of richly textured,organic and contemporary wall pieces.  My work is influenced by the patchwork of the fields, changes of the season, the rising and setting sun and landscapes of all textures and colors. I enjoy allowing the energy to flow as I assemble each piece and want the viewer to be able to discover hidden elements within.

Rhonda_Cearlock-264063.1088008  Rhonda_Cearlock-264063.1088009  Rhonda_Cearlock-264063.1088010


My work lives within my life experiences. My main medium is ceramics. My ceramics is a space where I can get back to the simple parts of life. Forming cups, plates, pitchers, and sculptures from what was once minerals and water. My time spent throwing and building pieces to share with people is a place for true meditation.

Nicole_Shanks-265152.1091538  Nicole_Shanks-265152.1091540  Nicole_Shanks-265152.1091544


Drift to clay is company formed by Linda and Barry Lane. We combine our hand thrown, one of a kind carved pottery with the inspiration of driftwood and natural shells and sand of the water. We use a combination of low, high fire, and raku in the firing process.

Barry_Lane-265720.1105662  Barry_Lane-265720.1105663  Barry_Lane-265720.1105664


The functionality of pottery is something that has always been intriguing. My focus is creating items that people can appreciate and put to good use. I enjoy observing a person touch, hold, explore and examine my piece. My hands formed the clay, building a unique piece and each piece is personal, each piece is an extension of myself. There is no greater satisfaction than when one of my pieces becomes meaningful to the beholder.

Zachariah_Schnare-267990.1101306  Zachariah_Schnare-267990.1101308  Zachariah_Schnare-267990.1101309

I taught Art for forty years. After retiring I built a ceramic studio where I am focusing on functional pottery. Most of my work is created on the potters wheel. I am using stoneware clay and cone six glazes fired in an electric kiln.

Pottery can be an active art form in our daily lives where form and function come together. I am trying to create objects that are well crafted and give joy to the people using them. When possible have things in your life that make you smile.

Richard_Ahlvers-268735.1103833  Richard_Ahlvers-268735.1103835  Richard_Ahlvers-268735.1103841

I started hand building with clay seven years ago. My art pieces use clay in several forms. I create Green Men to be hung year round in the garden. Green Men represent early man’s relationship with nature. Glaze is used on some Green Men and others are high fired to a soft patina. Several of my multi-media pieces include jewelry that also uses watch pieces and re-purposed items. Clay is also shaped into fanciful birds, that sit on copper nests.

Clay prints use clay as the base and clay with colorant as the paint. Clay prints are bold and brilliant with color.

Working with clay is an on going adventure.

Susan_London-269096.1105521  Susan_London-269096.1105522  Susan_London-269096.1105523


I create functional pottery and sculptural vessels with a craftsmanship honed over 30 years. Discovery of emotion through figures and celebration of form are the driving characteristics of my work. Often, I begin with the potter?s wheel. Even when altered beyond technique recognition, a thrown vessel lends an elegance not otherwise found. To sculpt figures, I adapt a form of repouss� and chasing. Any technique I employ is designed to nourish the execution of my vision. The efforts to this point are nothing without perfectly harmonious glaze. Daily, I relish the opportunity to conduct the symphony that is ceramic art.

Mitch_Sigmund-269537.1107140  Mitch_Sigmund-269537.1107141  Mitch_Sigmund-269537.1107142

I work primarily in clay because the material and it’s close relationship to the natural world inspire me. An object created with clay holds a record of the actions made upon it. Visible evidence of the process of forming an object allows viewers to explore and understand that surface more fully.

Relationships existing among natural forms intrigue me, whether represented in the form of repeated contour lines, layering or rippling edges. Clay enables me to draw in three dimensions, creating form from my memory of images that have inspired me.

Nancy_Lowery_Weck-269958.1108138  Nancy_Lowery_Weck-269958.1108162  Nancy_Lowery_Weck-269958.1108175


Wheel thrown and hand built stoneware and porcelain which is hand carved with imagery using the sgrafitto method. Pieces are finished with a clear glaze so as to be durable for everyday use..

Rebecca_Grant-270279.1109406  Rebecca_Grant-270279.1109407  Rebecca_Grant-270279.1109408


Jimmy Liu is a representational
artist of Taiwanese heritage working in clay. The skill, technique and content of
his ceramics have received local and national recognition. He was born in Taiwan
and graduated from the University of Chinese Culture in Taipei, And holds a Master degree of Arts from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO.
He use the clay slab to create
functional pieces specially teapots, and often use his fingers or a tool to altered
the forms. In his work he explore the functional object in the sense of its
traditional concept but moreover as a piece to dealing with visual and symbolic
content; that could be for daily use or to contemplate; and to reach its highest
point surface and form have to go together.
He firmly believe that making ceramics it is a magic act and it is the only way he can think of to express and communicate with the world.

Jimmy_Liu-270288.1109431 Jimmy_Liu-270288.1109432 Jimmy_Liu-270288.1109434


The work is made from earthenware clay. Thrown, modeled and slab-built components are combined and finished with layers of slips, stains and glaze. Through multiple firings, I strive for a surface that evokes the passage of time and accentuates the marks and textures that develop in the process of construction.
susan_bostwick-270294.1109467 susan_bostwick-270294.1109471 susan_bostwick-270294.1109473


Culture has been defined as what we make of the world. My pots enter an age noted for frenzied activity and visual distraction. This world fragments our lives in profound ways. Functional pottery is my cultural attempt, through the material of clay, to bring order and human dignity to the merely physical act of consuming food and drink. As my pots are used daily, my hope is that they carry measures of quiet and nourishment for body and spirit. I imagine people at a dinner table, work space, or office cubicle where food and drink are served and humanized by hospitable, well-ordered pots.
Paul_Eshelman-270297.1109474 Paul_Eshelman-270297.1109475 Paul_Eshelman-270297.1109476


Drawing and Printmaking

Art educated in St. Louis in all three Jr. Colleges, Wash U. plus Art workshops,Webster U. & St.L. Art Museum.
Carving blocks, printing & exhibiting full time since 1988.
My original block prints are found in all 50 states, DC. & 20 Foreign countries, Asia & Europe.
I sell no reproductions of my work, only hand pulled & hand coloured pieces.



Jeff Brawn was, like so many, born to parents. Then he grew up?sort of. His approach to art reveals that there is an inner child there who still does much of the driving. He refuses to stick to one medium, but rather feels free to use any tools, techniques and materials his imagination leads him to, with total disregard for what came before. Yet there seems to be some common theme running through nearly all of his pieces. There is generally a warm palette, soft and flowing lines, complex characters? Perhaps because Jeff considers himself primarily a storyteller, his figures all have a sense of story about them. Mostly, the viewers are left to imagine this story in their own way, although there are sometimes words and other clues to nudge us in vague or explicit ways.

Jeff_Brawn-269943.1108073  Jeff_Brawn-269943.1108077


My process always starts with sketching a concept on paper which then develops into a drawing where the details are refined and the composition is strengthened. Drawings are then transferred to a relief block to be cut and printed or it is digitally scanned, refined with digital illustration, and printed on film to make a screen using a photo emulsion process. All prints are hand-pulled and done in small editions of 12-50 pieces.
My subject matter usually deals with the contrast of city vs. rural themes sometimes with an aura of solitude.

Nancy_Lowery_Weck-269958.1108177 Nick_Nihira-270115.1108816 Nick_Nihira-270115.1108817

My current body of work focuses on aspects of civil infrastructure and how the development and maintenance is crucial to sustain health and growth in a city. I then relate this process to the human body, that it must regenerate itself for health and longevity. Having studied the human form for many years, I wanted to see if I could create a composition without the human figure but still maintain a human presence. In this work, the audience is introduced to familiar places and iconic images of civil infrastructures. Such as bridges, overpasses, bulldozers and equations, these images are relatable in that we use them often. The process of painting then symbolizes the regeneration that must happen both in infrastructure and within our own lives. The paint is built up and torn down over and over again until I arrive at what I feel is a harmonious balance between incomplete and complete details. I believe that we place ourselves into the painting for at least a moment and become active in the possibilities of the materials itself.

Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108530 Christopher_DAy-270269.1109367 Christopher_DAy-270269.1109369


Fine Craft


From the finest hand-picked North American and exotic hardwoods of the world I imagine and create sculptural and functional one-of-a-kind jewelry chests and towers, other unique boxes, writing instruments and home accessories in my one-person studio.




Annie enjoys working at home in her workshop creating her popular shoulder and cross body leather bags by cutting the leather directly from the hides and sewing them on her industrial sewing machine. In addition to her standard shoulder and cross body bags, Annie has a love for handsewing luxury leathers into one of a kind items. Her appreciation for color goes beyond the usual earth tones which has helped her create a unique and colorful line of handsewn bags. Annie has been given a great foundation for her leather work with much of her training coming from her family owned business located in maplewood where many of her handmade leather goods are sold in addition to being sold in other st.louis retailers.

Annie_Rye-268609.1108732 Annie_Rye-268609.1108734 Annie_Rye-268609.1108740


My work has always been about the handmade, and hand stitched. I create stitch resisted and hand dyed silk scarves,and collage silk and fabric pieces with embroidery so fine you almost miss it. I have also started a new series on mending the holes and tears of everyday life. The media of textiles is in my blood as is the artistic spirit, my grandmother was an artist and she taught me the value of cloth. Cloth was recycled again and again until all that was left were a few threads, I now follow in her mindset with a simple elegance added as well.

Nicole_Ottwell-270006.1108367 Nicole_Ottwell-270006.1108370 Nicole_Ottwell-270006.1108372


After many years of experimenting with various art media, I found a way to incorporate color, texture, and 3 dimensional shape like no other media can – polymer clay. Part of the magic of working with polymer clay is its versatility and adaptability: the ability to create any color imaginable, the opportunity to craft the clay into any shape, and not have to wait for days for a finished project.
I have been “playing” with some form of art or craft from my earliest recollections. One of my memories was captured in a photo which shows me leaning over a selection of crayons, working diligently to select just the exact color needed.
I remember the event and the feeling I had at the time. Pure rapture. Nothing else in the world other than my art and my determination to get that perfect color.

Peggy_Bellm-270052.1108565 Peggy_Bellm-270052.1108566 Peggy_Bellm-270052.1108564


Through a Crazy Quilting class, I was introduced to free form quilting and stitching. The wealth of knowledge I received challenged my creativity. Playing with what I learned and then making my own designs, I began creating art by using mixed media techniques with an embroidery twist.
As an artist I love exploring the things seen, and not seen, in the framework of the natural world. The things not seen, I find expression through my imagination, and the things seen are revealed by the way I see the world around me.

Ana_Sumner-270148.1108942 Ana_Sumner-270148.1108943 Ana_Sumner-270148.1108945


We produce handmade, original products that are high quality and
highly artistic. We handmade beautiful shoes and leather bags adorned
with a native textile called mola. The patterns are attractive and
unique. Wearing our shoes is like wearing a piece of art! Our shoes
are handmade one by one, they are not mass produced.

roberto quintero



Reinhard Herzog has been blowing glass for over 50 years.His career began in Germany where he learned the skills to become a laboratory glass blower. He then began experimenting with designs and creations while at the torch. Soon, galleries and shops became interested in collecting his work. He works at both the furnace and the torch, but his specialty is creating montages of glass at the torch. By melting and melding glass together in the flame, he has created vases,
bowls,animals,figures and whimsical designs. His art as well his ability to demonstrate the art of glass blowing have made him a sought after artist at various shows and events around the world.

Reinhard_Herzog-259973.1073706 Reinhard_Herzog-259973.1073707 Reinhard_Herzog-259973.1073708


We design all of our work. (no pattern book) we hand make and bead all the 3D trees that are on our pieces.




Initially, I (Christy) took a class to learn to fuse glass; I then proceeded to take a glass blowing course and also learned torch working. My husband having traveled extensively with the military also was mesmerized by the medium. Together we began to take glass blowing classes together. We began working with and assisting one another. We draw on each of our individual life experiences to create harmonious pieces of work that tell a story about ourselves. Together we founded Third Street Glass Studio in Collinsville, Illinois.

Tony_&_Christy_Bodnar-267054.1098211 Tony_&_Christy_Bodnar-267054.1098210 Tony_&_Christy_Bodnar-267054.1098208


I am intrigued by the infinite variety of designs available to me in manipulating flat pieces of glass in a kiln to form both useful and decorative pieces. Much of my work reflects the mid-century influence of my father, an architect, and the geometric work of the time.

Kitty_Mollman-267894.1100984   Kitty_Mollman-267894.1100985   Kitty_Mollman-267894.1100986


When I create my jewelry, mobiles, and ornaments through glass fusion, I am trying to convey a sense of wonder, delight, and beauty. I consider each piece of jewelry as a functional abstract work of art that captures the viewer and draws them in to the wearer as well as the piece. If you wear or display something of mine you delight in the collision of art and fashion where colorful shapes, textures, and iridescence conspire to create something that catches the eye, engages the viewer, and can be worn in many ensembles.

Allison_Hake-270074.1108660 Allison_Hake-270074.1108673 Allison_Hake-270074.1108675




Medium format painterly impressions of natural events in extraordinary light, each printed by the artist from the original negative, using traditional darkroom techniques, and the most archival papers available. The camera is a Hasselblad. I use many films, both transparency and negative. I am a master printer, using skills acquired over 35 years in the darkroom. Countless hours are spent to assure the precise color balance and density for each photograph. They are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, the most archival color process available today. The images are emotive, abstract, and minimalist. There is NO digital involvement in producing the work. They are presented in a laminated glassless format, which protects the photograph while allowing it to be as brilliant as possible, with no reflected glare. Images are offered in limited editions of 100 or 250.

Rick_Canham-259085.1070251   Rick_Canham-259085.1070253   Rick_Canham-259085.1070254


The artists have been shooting for approximately 17 years. They work with a combination of 35mm, digital, and medium format cameras. Their objective is to capture the beauty and tranquility of the scenes they so enjoy. The result of their travels is a collection of work that emphasizes the beauty and tranquility of all things. They hope that through their photography they convey the emotion and essence of what they have seen and felt to those who view their images.

Jane_Meade-258934.1069619 Jane_Meade-258934.1074926 Jane_Meade-258934.1074928

Along with my Lifeguard Stations I will have current photographic works from the Leewards side of the Caribbean Islands. These images reflect the livelihood and the character of the people who live and work on these islands. The Art Deco lifeguard station images were taken at the South Beach section of Miami Beach FL. To me, lifeguard stations always and invariably suggest youth and fun and surf and sand–and, of course sexuality. And all the more so when they are cleverly painted. But at the same time, no matter how colorfully and imaginatively painted, lifeguard stations are a sober reminder of the ever-present danger the water presents. While taking these photographs I was fascinated by the thousands of people on the beach and the music and the games. Everyone was having a wonderful time. It brought back many pleasent memories of working as a lifeguard in my youth at SIUC’s Little Grassy camps. It was, hands down, the greatest summer job one could have. So lifeguard stations have always resonated in a special way with me.

Jane_Floyd-Hendey-262430.1082478   Jane_Floyd-Hendey-262430.1082481    Jane_Floyd-Hendey-262430.1082490


We capture the shadows of what once was and will never be again. All locations are photographed exactly as they were discovered. Using only available light and high dynamic range imaging we bring into view what the human eye cannot see. These dwellings were once home to unknown individuals who celebrated life within these walls. We feel it is our honor to document these locations of abandonment and decay before they are lost forever. Most of the locations are 100+ years old.

Kent_Durk-263786.1087184 Kent_Durk-263786.1087185 Kent_Durk-263786.1087187


I am a big believer in the healing power of Nature and I find peace when I am outside. Capturing beautiful waterscape, landscape and floral scenes with my camera helps me to stay connected to Nature despite a busy life. The people who purchase my photographs tell me they find a similar peace when my photos are on their wall. That sentiment makes photography a very rewarding pursuit.

Brady_Kesner-265066.1091285   Brady_Kesner-265066.1091288   Brady_Kesner-265066.1091297


My work is strongly influenced by my love of nature. Although my work is two dimensional, it stresses my strong interest in the illusion of textures, striving to transform the smooth surface of my photographs into images appearing more painterly, I have then drawn digitally making the images unique.

Ron_Vivod-265878.1093820 Ron_Vivod-265878.1093829 Ron_Vivod-265878.1093836

 http://www.a-good-eye.com — www.greg-kluempers.artistwebsites.com

My work explores the relationship of forms, textures and color in the everyday world. Many of my images are extractions from an old building, a distorted reflection, an architectural detail and the juxtaposition of adjoining buildings. I use these to create abstract geometrical images.

Greg_Kluempers-265930.1093961 Greg_Kluempers-265930.1093962 Greg_Kluempers-265930.1093964


As I’ve traveled over the years to places abroad and closer to home, I love to notice colors and details, which are represented in my photo art. My choice of images, as well as price points, reflect my desire for appealing art to be accessible to ‘anyone’, not just ‘art aficionados’ with a generous ‘art budget’. I am especially drawn to ‘everyday’ objects and images…produce and flowers at an outdoor market, a colorful door or window …etc.
I use a digital camera with a fixed lens, using basic settings, and printing essentially ‘just as I see it’. Enjoy!

Digital StillCamera



I have been the man behind the camera at John Locus Photography since 1975. My wife joined the business in 1985. After more than 42 years of portrait and event photography, we are now presenting a collection of fine art photographs through Locus Photoart, depicting the beauty we see in everyday things, in and around the local communities during our ‘photo adventures’. All images are captured digitally, and professionally printed on photographic paper, metallic paper, and aluminum plate. Some are presented in reclaimed windows and on wood.

John_Locus-269745.1107299 John_Locus-269745.1107311 John_Locus-269745.1107312

My main focus has always been to capture that special moment in time that literally goes by in a blink of an eye (Fireworks) or to see what the human eye does not even know is there to imagine (Macro Lens). To hear someone say ‘What is it?’ or ‘How’d you do that?’ or ‘I have never seen that before.’ or my personal favorite, ‘I have got to have that!’ is like beautiful music to my ears.
I don’t want my art to look like anything you’ve ever seen before or it’s just another image. It should grab your attention by drawing you in so you can see & feel it deeper. Thus, creating a special emotional connection &/or awaken your sense of mystery.

Lynn_Lees-270237.1109529   Lynn_Lees-270237.1109538   Lynn_Lees-270237.1109542


All my life I have been a fan of photography and the beauty it has the potential to capture. Each photographer finds their niche and I have been blessed with a special eye for the weathered and worn. My greatest asset was when I recognized how beauty abounds around us and that the subjects for my work were endless and inclusive of anything from a dew kissed flower to a dilapidated barn, the burial ground of discarded automobiles or something as simple as a unique door or window that you might pass every day.

Todd_Shaak-270289.1109436   Todd_Shaak-270289.1109438   Todd_Shaak-270289.1109443

I do not set out determined to produce art about any given subject. My camera is always close at hand, so I am constantly shooting, perfecting my craft. There are times when the shots never leave my camera. The pieces I choose to create have spoken to me on a higher level. The vast majority of my work is landscapes. However, I do not limit myself to one subject. What starts out as a shot through a piece of glass soon becomes alive. For me it carries with it the hope that others will see the beauty around them.

kimberly chapman-peluso 2




Mixed Media


I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, though my mother would scold me for drawing on her books. School was great! they had lots of paper and colors, even paint. Family trips to the ocean influenced my work. I was seduced by waves and sand dunes. Even the sound of the waves excited me. Later, my figurative work reminded me of the dune contours. I welded them and produced many ‘Body Scapes’, I continue to see bodies. They’re in the clouds, trees and river banks. Water is an integral part of my work. It is a soothing balm that transforms my daily thoughts and feelings to passionate embrace of the elements. I feel the sun and wind and express them in my drawings, paintings and photographs. I feel the movement of the river and ocean as they transport me to adventurous places. I enjoy the gift of sight, the discernment of color and shape, and the infinite variety of relationships and the spirit of all creation.

Yvonne_McCall-260000.1073770    Yvonne_McCall-260000.1073790    Yvonne_McCall-260000.1073804


Tiles are made from a patented custom designed limestone resin. This resin is originally designed for the paper making industry and is used as filler in the paper making process. I worked in the paper industry for almost 20 years and was part of the team that designed this resin. This resin when left undiluted will harden like a rock in seconds. Light and very durable these tiles also possess great archival properties. I am the only person in the world using this patented medium for art purposes.

Scot_Schmidt-260338.1075050    Scot_Schmidt-260338.1075051    Scot_Schmidt-260338.1075052


My work is created with an early photographic process called Cyanotype printing in which an light sensitive chemistry is applied to paper and fabrics. Once this dries, I place my original designs created with plants and paper cut-outs on top and then it is exposed to sunlight. The design is removed and the paper and fabrics are rinsed in water. The resultant unique and individual images are a beautiful Prussian blue and white. My products include framed original prints, handmade pillows, tea towels, note cards, glass decoupage trays and pins.



Whether working in a traditional format, or something more abstract, I find myself delving into an array of knowledge acquired during decades of garment construction and costume design. This has manifested itself, most recently, in creating poured sheets of acrylic pigment that are allowed to dry and then manipulated, cut up, and collaged into a greater whole. In addition, I’ve experimented with polymers, both translucent and opaque, in concert with acrylic paint. I seem to alternate between two different disparate disciplines: portraiture/landscapes verses abstract/mixed media…what is consistent in my work is the exploration of a limited, yet gradient, color palette, the use of vivid color combinations, and a penchant for subjects from a skewed perspective and a whimsical or mythological inspiration.

Tim_Kent-266726.1097088    Tim_Kent-266726.1097089    Tim_Kent-266726.1097091


A large part of my work has a common them of nature and serenity. I use art as a way to escape the stress and demands of work. I look to my art to find a place to escape. I am currently creating landscapes inspired both by the places where I enjoy rock climbing as well as the places I go for escape.

Being an art teacher is influential to my work as well. Spending days with creative expressive children only drives me to create more. Children enjoy mixing media, and working with my young artists has taught me to experiment with combining media in unexpected ways.

Based on this spirit of experimentation, I have begun to work in soot, or smoke drawing, a technique I learned from artist Ed Lohram. Using an oil lamp, I apply a layer of soot to the drawing surface. Then, using a variety of tools, I draw into the soot to create a landscape. I have begun to add watercolor to these landscapes as well, as I am drawn to how diverse and adaptable this medium is. In addition, I like the contrast of its color with the dark grays of the soot.

Edward_English-269237.1105619    Edward_English-269237.1105621    Edward_English-269237.1105624


In this body of work I use contemporary building materials as signifiers for the interior space of residential homes. I believe the home exists as more than a logistical dwelling; a home directly contributes to our human identities. Homes are pieced together and fashioned by personal taste and reflect our realized or unrealized dreams. In this way the skin of our home not only displays our decorative sensibilities, but also mimics the vulnerability of being human.
I am also interested in creating sculptural topographies through the use of varying media. The low relief quality of my artwork creates connections between an implied space and the spaces we actually inhabit.

Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108515 Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108517 Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108529


In this body of work I use contemporary building materials as signifiers for the interior space of residential homes. I believe the home exists as more than a logistical dwelling; a home directly contributes to our human identities. Homes are pieced together and fashioned by personal taste and reflect our realized or unrealized dreams. In this way the skin of our home not only displays our decorative sensibilities, but also mimics the vulnerability of being human.
I am also interested in creating sculptural topographies through the use of varying media. The low relief quality of my artwork creates connections between an implied space and the spaces we actually inhabit.

Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108515 Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108517 Carrie_Gillen-269855.1108529


Mixed media is the best way to describe Theresa’s ever changing body of work. Her training is heavy in drawing, printmaking and photography.
Her layers and paint and heaping dose of urban photography reflect her adoring view of St. Louis. Vintage vehicles and deteriorating urban landscapes and signs are a common theme in her work. She has perfected the photo transfer process. While you can find these photos printed on thin wood panels, she feels her real work is weaving these images into her mixed media paintings. If you know her work, you know her father is a key element. Her Dad face has become her signature. It’s her perpetual memorial to her hero.

Theresa_Hopkins-270236.1109261     Theresa_Hopkins-270236.1109263     Theresa_Hopkins-270236.1109269

Segmented woodturning is where engineering and art meet. Sometimes this is a difficult marriage where practical needs are in conflict with the artistic vision.
If done properly, precisely cut wood segments are glued into rings and the rings are glued into the rough shape of a bowl or vessel and then . . . the magic happens!

Bill_Abendroth-270271.1109361    Bill_Abendroth-270271.1109363




Horses and creativity have defined me since I was young. After living in a raw St. Louis downtown loft full of artists from 2010-2012 I learned to paint. It was there my foundations were developed by the likes of Jeff Aeling and others.

I continue to ride horses, actively competing in hunter/jumper shows throughout Missouri and Illinois. Horses always have been my inspiration; I find nothing in this world to be quite as beautiful. They make painting fun and purposeful.

Cara_Van_Leuven-258665.1068591    Cara_Van_Leuven-258665.1068593    Cara_Van_Leuven-258665.1068598


Nature has always been my inspiration, but I now choose to interpret it differently. Color is very important to me, second only to good composition.

I also choose not to paint the landscape but the inspiration that it brings to me.

I am not at all interested in depicting a perfect likeness of nature. I did that many years ago, and find no challenge there. Photography furnishes us with those images. My work now is non-objective or abstraction.

My work is recognizable by the use of curvilinear strokes. Years of calligraphic work has left me with a natural inclination to use long graceful strokes. I would like the viewer to be able to go into my work, to see and feel the depth. I am very interested in the creative process and how we go through it.

I have been painting on Yupo with watercolor for the past 10+ years and find it exceedingly exciting. I also teach workshops and classes primarily with watercolor on Yupo.

I believe all of the art that I do is a gift from God.

Patricia_Mayhew_Hamm-260933.1077112    Patricia_Mayhew_Hamm-260933.1077113    Patricia_Mayhew_Hamm-260933.1077114


Colorful watercolors inspired by everyday items around us… keepsakes, flowers, and foods.



I started painting in 2008 professionally and always had a true passion and appreciation for the arts. I was always drawing when I was young, and was motivated by art at a early age, and felt like it was a calling in life.
My specialty in the arts is abstracts and landscapes. In my two sides of art, the landscapes represent my peaceful side, and the abstracts represent my creative side.
I also extend my art abilities into cutlery. Bringing out the beauty in cutlery, with exotic and unique art work of customization, which includes file work and fluting, which was perfected by the English craftsmen in the 19th century. Also working with a variety of materials such as ancient ivories of Mammoth and Mastodon, as well as ancient Walrus, plus mother of pearl, Dino bone, stones, and exotic woods to create beautiful knife handles.
My customization abilities have made me highly sought after by collectors all over the country, and my work has been purchased by collectors all over the world.
The world always speaks to me, giving me new ideas everywhere I go; huge motivators are music and random objects which become focal points for my paintings.
I see through and beyond regular everyday objects; this allows me to bring unique perspectives to everyday items, which in turn allows my audience to enjoy a unique experience from my ideas from everyday observations.

Andrew_Adams-262681.1083371   Andrew_Adams-262681.1083379    Andrew_Adams-262681.1083385


Wildlife and landscape paintings that are interesting and appealing in composition and scientifically correct. My objective is to bring pleasure and prompt in the viewer a desire to preserve the beautiful diversity of life on our little planet.

Brent_Langley-265027.1091159    Brent_Langley-265027.1091161    Brent_Langley-265027.1091162


I begin with a playful unrestrained exploration of acrylic color on the canvas. The interplay of colors and textures is a fundamental part of my work, whether it be paint or paper elements.

Erin_Gray-266346.1095622    Erin_Gray-266346.1095623    Erin_Gray-266346.1095625


I strive to capture a beauty, whimsy, and a sense of a dream world. I work mostly in acrylics but some of my work incorporates collage elements and mixed media. Some pieces may be acrylic with charcoal on top and sealed with a clear coat, some pieces are coated with resin to give a sheen. I sometimes take vintage images, collage them with glue onto a board with book pages, and paint over it with acrylics. I also use vintage frames, odd shaped wood plaques to add variety to my work.

Felicia_Olin-267059.1098234 Felicia_Olin-267059.1098236       Felicia_Olin-267059.1098247


My artwork confronts addiction, self control, and body image, inspired but the art of stand-up comedy. Exploring comedy and its role as a healing tool, my insight has allowed me to challenge my perspective. I find myself celebrating the relationship between humanity and the busy, unforgiving world that we occupy. Observing behavioral tendencies and thought patterns, I have liberated myself from being controlled by them. I take these experiences into my studio, much like a comedian takes their experiences onto the stage. I prepare and photograph myself encountering these daily struggles. Using warped perspective, repetition, and humor, I capture and convey these endless struggles in oil paint. I offer a therapeutic aspect in each of my paintings as gaining awareness, shifting perspective, learning acceptance, and comedic relief has helped me throughout my own life.

Jenna_McNair-269340.1105967    Jenna_McNair-269340.1105968    Jenna_McNair-269340.1105969


I work with acrylic, paper, plastic, and prints in my paintings, which are inspired by my personal photographs of everyday objects as well as my explorations of pattern and shape and color. In each painting, I add combinations of patterns and color and aesthetically blend them with imagery of objects from my own life. Just like in daily life, you take one day at a time; same goes for my paintings. I consider each painting to be independent from the others, each with its own color and design and its own process. Besides photography, other objects or designs are sometimes taken from memory or from previous ink drawings. Sometimes in my work, my designs are created as I explore with the brush and trying to find ways to make the painting more complex or even complicated. Every step is critical from the colors to the tiniest of details. My paintings have been simplified based on this creative process, focusing on the abstract shapes, patterns, and colors, while keeping in mind of what everyday objects signify.

Kelly_Downs-270118.1108831   Kelly_Downs-270118.1108841    Kelly_Downs-270118.1108844


My paintings are a reflection of the impact that the natural world has on me. I am
inspired by color and texture. I let the nature of the medium dictate the overall look of
the piece. With watercolors, I let the paint flow and race across the canvas creating
unique and suprising textures. I like to explore how mediums work together like coffee
and watercolor or coffee and enamel.
With the recent passing of my father & birth of my baby, I have been inspired by more
spiritual ideas based in nature…the shape and form of leaves lost in a storm, the buzz of
cicadas, the strength of trees, the doe on the roadside. I look for signs of life & spirits in
everything – from a leaf on the ground to an interesting piece of bark. I try to capture
the essence of such ideas in my new works.

christina freeman 2      christina freeman 3      christina freeman





My goal is to become a nationally known wood turner with a distinctive style. To get the wood for my pieces, I do not cut down live trees; I harvest wood from trees that have already fallen for some reason. I create art from each piece of wood by visualizing the art inside, and then I hand-turn it. My current work focuses on spalted wood and natural-edged wood. I create unique hand-turned domestic wood bowls, boxes, platters, vases, and vessels. My pieces highlight the wood’s natural beauty and are as much a joy to hold, as they are to see.

Scott_Schlapkohl-259623.1072391    Scott_Schlapkohl-259623.1072393    Scott_Schlapkohl-259623.1072394


Semi retired woodworker making very unique hardwood END grain butcher blocks. Geometric Escher inspired designs. Not the common glued sticks and call it good.

Gary_Halsey-269757.1107337     Gary_Halsey-269757.1107338    Gary_Halsey-269757.1107340

Having worked with straight lines and angles all my career I decided to go organic with my sculptures.
I use segmented compound angles to form the sculpture. Each piece is glued and fastened together. Extensive sanding is done to produce a smooth surface, then multiple coats of finish is applied.
All of my domestic woods are remnants from a mill in southern Missouri.

Steve_Frank-270142.1108927    Steve_Frank-270142.1108929    Steve_Frank-270142.1108930


My art is an expression of my Spirituality and Faith in our Creator and Mother Earth. I derive my inspiration from prayer, dreams, meditation, truth, myth, and the energy of the land and nature. I use only metals that have lost their usefulness to others and I try not to leave much of an eco-footprint with my art. I work with tools made for your hands and not computers creating for me, if I couldn’t form metal with my hands it wouldn’t have the key ingredient… my energy.

kotah_moon-270144.1109509    kotah_moon-270144.1109512    kotah_moon-270144.1109527

Art Fair 2016 Artists




Questions?  Email us at office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com


Call us at (618) 655-0337.

Office hours are Weds – Fri from 10am – 4pm and Saturday 11am – 3pm.


Read the information below then click on the link to apply at the bottom of this page.

OVERVIEW: Edwardsville Art Fair is a juried arts festival presenting the work of approximately 105 artists. The show takes place in City Park surrounding the Edwardsville Public Library in Edwardsville, IL which is in the St. Louis metropolitan region and is easily accessible by Interstates 70, 270 and 55.  Artists have direct booth access for set-up and loading and volunteers to assist with setup. Twenty-four hour security is provided by the Edwardsville Police Department. Artists will attend the VIP Event – with food and drinks – on Friday evening and complimentary refreshments are available throughout the weekend in the Artist Hospitality tent or by delivery to the booths. Booth sitters and bathroom facilities are available. We expect strong attendance, as Edwardsville and the surrounding region have long been supporters of the arts. The City of Edwardsville and our sponsors are committed to advertising our fair, and we are determined to exceed your expectations for hospitality.

AWARDS: Edwardsville Art Fair offers $15,000 in awards including Best of Show ($1,500), 6 named awards ($750 each), 9 Best of Category awards ($600) and 18 merit awards non-specific to categories ($200).

Edwardsville Art Fair is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an all-volunteer board as well as hundreds of volunteers who will work hard to make the show a success. Any proceeds from the fair will be used by the Edwardsville Arts Center to inspire the lives of youth and the creative spirit of adults through classes, exhibits and cultural events.



HOW TO APPLY: Online applications may be completed though EntryThingy with the link at the bottom of this page. Each application must include the requisite uploaded images and an artist’s statement of 100 words or less explaining the artist’s creative process including specific information about technique and materials. To begin the application process, first read the following information and then click on the Apply Now button at the bottom of the text:  2018 SHOW DATES: September 21st, 22nd and 23rd.  

ENTRY RULES2018 applications must be submitted online with 4 uploaded images of current work and 1 image of the display booth.  Artists may submit only one application per medium. If you wish to enter in more than one category, you must complete a second online application and remit a second jury fee. An image of the same work of art will not be accepted for more than one application.  Collaborative works must be submitted as a joint application with each artist’s name listed on the application and, if selected, both artists must attend the show.

ELIGIBILITYArt work must be original in design and execution by the artist(s). Items that are mass-produced, made in “workrooms,” machine-made or made from molds or commercial kits are not eligible for exhibition. Reproductions and prints must be signed by the creating artist. Only limited edition prints of no more than 250 from the original source, hand-pulled, signed and numbered by the artist will be allowed. Artists must disclose their creative and printing process in their artist’s statement to be displayed in the booth. Reproductions including giclee prints are allowed but must not comprise more than 10% of the art for sale and must be signed, numbered and matted. All reproductions must be clearly marked “reproduction” on labels and display signs and must be kept in a bin within the designated booth space.

IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Save your JPEG images at a minimum of 1920 pixels at the longest dimension. 2. A 1920 X 1920 square pixel format with a black border is acceptable. 3. JPEG file size should be approximately 2 megabytes.  4. For the most accurate representation and, if your image editing program supports it, convert to sRGB color space.


CATEGORIES (Please note – starting this year, there are 9 categories instead of 12):

Clay – Work produced from clay, earthenware, stoneware, terra cotta or porcelain.

Photography (film or digital) and Graphic Design – Includes works produced with the primary use of a camera to capture an original. Though some images are modified using digital media or production materials, all prints are considered reproductions of the original. Therefore, Edwardsville Art Fair requires that all photographic prints be limited to editions of no more than 250. The prints must be processed under the direct supervision of the artist and must be made from the artist’s original file or digital media. Each print must be hand-numbered and signed by the artist and be clearly visible on the front surface of the image whether the image is printed on archival paper, canvas, metal, wood, clay or any other picture plane. Prints which have been manipulated or treated as a painting surface must be clearly labeled as “Artist Manipulated Photograph.” This includes but is not limited to prints which have been varnished, textured or coated in any way. These prints must also be hand-numbered and signed by the artist on the front surface of the image and clearly visible when matted, framed or mounted

Also includes work made with the primary assistance of a computer and/or featuring technological components such as a mouse, programs or tablets. Printed works in this category must be processed under the artist’s direct supervision, printed in limited editions of no more than 250 on archival paper, have the print media identified, and be signed and numbered by the artist. Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application.

Drawing/Printmaking –The drawing category includes works created using dry media such as charcoal, crayons, chalk, graphite, pastels, pencils, ink or markers. The printmaking category is for images that are hand-pulled from stones, plates, glass or screened surfaces using a printing process, roller or hand brayer. All prints must be properly signed and limited to editions of no more than 250. Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application and have a description on display in their booth.

Fine Craft – 2D or 3D work made from a variety of materials including but not exclusive to fibers, paper, glass beads, stones, found objects, clay, acrylic and leather. These materials may be manipulated in a variety of methods including but not exclusive to quilting, casting, collage, basketry, embroidery, sewing, bookmaking, jewelry and batik to create functional and non-functional objects

Glass – Functional and/or sculptural objects created by blowing, kiln, casting or molding as well as all cold processes

Jewelry – Objects created with the intent to be worn as ornamentation by fabricating various materials including gems, fine metals and semi-precious stones

Mixed Media – 2D or 3D objects created using more than one type of material

Painting –  2-D Works using the mediums of acrylic, oil paint, tempera, botanical, gouache, and watercolor.

Sculpture – 3D work created by the artist in any medium, including metals, plastics, glass, clay and wood objects that are hand-tooled, machine worked, turned or carved,


APPLICATION DEADLINE AND FEES: Applications will close at midnight on June 1st, 2018. No application can be submitted to the jury without payment of the $30 non-refundable jury fee per entry.  We prefer that the jury fee be paid directly to PayPal using the available button on the application site. If this is not possible, we will accept checks sent to Edwardsville Art Fair, 6165 Center Grove Road, Edwardsville, IL 62025. If accepted, booth fees are $300.  Full discounts on booth fees are given to full time art teachers (working or retired) and $100 discounts are given to artists who currently have work in our gallery shop. Please let us know if you are a full time art teacher so you can receive your discount.  Booth fees are due by August 1, 2018.

JURYINGApproximately 105 artists will be selected.  Last year’s award winners will be exempt from jurying process, but still need to submit an application and entry fee on Entrythingy.  Jurying is based on a close consideration by a jury panel of the 4 images of the artist’s current work and one image of the display booth. This is a blind jury process so it is imperative that these images show no identifying signs or photos. It is important that the booth image be an accurate representation of the booth as it would be seen at the fair. Showing only one corner or just a panel or two is not acceptable. If no panels or walls are used, the jury must see the entire space from corner to corner.

RESULTS OF JURYINGJury results will be emailed on July 1st, 2018. Look for an email from ALERT@ENTRYTHINGY with a subject line of EDWARDSVILLE ART FAIR RESULTS. All jury scores will be confidential and artists will not be given their individual scores or feedback on their entry. Edwardsville Art Fair’s Competition committee reserves the right to review the jurors’ decisions at its discretion. A waitlist will be maintained for each category based on jury scores. Those who wish to stay on the waitlist will be called as space becomes available in their category.



EXHIBITION REQUIREMENTSA 10 X 10 foot covered white tent is required. Tents are set up on grass and must be secure enough to withstand wind, inclement weather and crowds. Tents may not be secured with stakes, and must have 40 – 50lb weights on each leg. Tents may not be secured to the pavement or any permanent structure by any means. In the event of this occurrence, the artist is responsible for any fines and the cost of repair. Power at each booth is provided by Edwardsville Art Fair but artists must provide their display lighting.

MISCELLANEOUS: No commission is required on sales. Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all applicable Illinois Sales Tax.  Illinois Sales Tax forms will be given to you in your Artist Packet when you arrive for set-up on September 22nd.  Artists are required to be present with their work during all festival hours.

VIP PARTY: Friday Evening, September 21st, 5:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. This event is a private reception for Artists, Sponsors and VIP Guests. This is a party for sponsors, people who have purchased gift certificates, and artists. All artists must be present.

CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY: We ask all of our artists to donate one piece of artwork to the Children’s Art Gallery. Only children will be allowed to enter the gallery and purchase a piece of art. The purchase price of $50 will become a donation to the Edwardsville Arts Center. It’s the perfect way to encourage children to grow into adults who appreciate and purchase art! Please send your donated art with your booth fee.  Donated art work will be shown in the lobbies of our sponsors as advertisement for the event.

CANCELLATION POLICY: One half of the booth fee will be refunded for cancellations made in writing between August 1st, 2018 and August 15th, 2018. No refunds will be given for cancellations after August 15th, 2018.

ARTIST AGREEMENTBy submitting an application to Edwardsville Art Fair, it is understood that all rules and information have been read and that the artist agrees to abide by these and warrants that the works submitted for jurying were produced solely by the artist or in collaboration with a named co-artist. Any violation of these rules shall be cause for denial of the application and forfeiture of any jury fees.

QUESTIONS? Contact us at office@edwardsvilleartscenter.com or (618) 655-0337.



 How to use EntryThingy to apply

New entrants add entry with piece.mov from 49PM on Vimeo.